Draft General Development Plan, July 1977

Draft General Development Plan, July 1977, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon



The General Development Plan, along with the Resources Management, Visitor Use, and Backcountry Use plans, provides a long-range program for the preservation and use pf Crater Lake National Park.

The management and visitor-use facilities required to implement the Visitor Use and Resource Management plans for Crater Lake National Park are outlined in broad concepts in the General Development Plan. Comprehensive designs will be needed for the major projects. Many of the development concepts involve long-range redevelopment of existing management and visitor-use areas and facilities requiring coordination between the phase out of certain existing facilities and the development of new facilities. Some of the proposed projects can be implemented in the near future while others are indefinite; thus, requirements are generalized, recognizing that they will change to reflect current needs at the time of construction.

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