Development – 06 Access and Circulation

Draft General Development Plan, July 1977, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

 Development Concept

Access and Circulation

The present combination of one-way and two-way roads evolved through trial-and-error, public input, and analysis of visitor and management requirements. The present system will be continued, and will require some improvements.

The North Entrance Road and West: Rim Drive will be upgraded to meet minimum standards for two-way traffic. Turnouts and overlooks would also be renovated as a part of this project.

The East Rim Drive will be continued as a one-way road and will require restriping and signing for one-way travel. A bicycle lane would be added at this time.

These modifications will provide the visitor with a choice of a more leisurely pace on the one-way East Rim Drive or a more direct route to many points via the West Rim Road. Improving the narrow two-way roads should reduce accidents and provide a better driving experience for the visitor.

Consideration was given to providing a two-way stretch of road between Munson Valley and the Lost Creek area. It was concluded that the limited number of visitors and employees who would benefit are, at this time, more than offset by the number of visitors enjoying the leisurely pace of the one-way road.


No changes in winter access are planned. The North Entrance Road will be available for snowmobile use as far as the rim and park roads will remain open to the Rim Village.


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