Development – 10 Information/Orientation/Interpretation Facilities

Draft General Development Plan, July 1977, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

 Development Concept

Information/Orientation/Interpretation Facilities

Improvements to interpretation facilities will occur at several levels, Wayside exhibits at overlooks and turnouts will be redesigned to improve text and theme continuity. Little new construction would be required – some exhibits may be replaced, removed, or relocated.

Minor improvements to The Watchman fire lookout will provide improved exhibit space and a small rest area. A small exhibit structure will be provided at the Cleetwood Cove trailhead. Information on the boat tours will also be available at the trailhead. Backcountry directional signs will also be improved.

The park’s major interpretive center will be located in the Rim Village. The requirements for this facility were previously discussed under the plan for the Rim Village.

Information will be available at the administration building and at the Annie Springs entrance station, but visitors arriving from the south will be directed to the new Interpretive Center in the Rim Village for more detailed information and orientation.

A small information-orientation structure with a small parking area will be constructed just north of the North Entrance Station.


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