Assessment – 02 J. Winter Use

Preliminary Draft Environmental Assessment for

Crater Lake Master Plan

 I. Statement of the Problem

Among the issues to be addressed in the assessment are the following:

J. Winter Use

Deep snows blanket most of the park from October to July with depths of up to 16 feet at higher elevations. During this period, visitation rates have been minimal. Currently, however, winter use is escalating rapidly, though numbers and/or percentages are largely speculative. Sightseeing is still the most popular winter activity although cross-country skiing snowshoeing, and snowmobiling uses are growing rapidly. Conflicts between snow machine users and cross-country skiers and/or snowshoers, while not now of major concern, can be anticipated, however. As a result, the need to address the types of winter use which are appropriate, the dimensions of each, and the necessary facilities to accommodate such uses is acknowledged.


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