Assessment – 05 C. Munson Valley

Preliminary Draft Environmental Assessment for

Crater Lake Master Plan

 I. Statement of the Problem

Among the issues to be addressed in the assessment are the following:

C. Munson Valley

The park headquarters complex, presently consisting of administrative and maintenance facilities and employee housing, as well as minimal concession operations (gas station and housing) have historically been located in Munson Valley. This area, while located only three road miles from the rim, is normally snow free only 3 to 4 months during the summer. Snow depths ranging to 15 feet greatly restrict park operations in the winter as well as affect employee morale.

Past recommendations to relocate all or portions of this complex to a site near the south boundary of the park have been viewed favorably. The previous master-plan studies also recommended the establishment of a lodge and coffee shop at Munson Valley, either from remodeling of existing facilities or construction of additional buildings.

These issues, as well as other pertinent park management and/or concession problems relevant to Munson Valley and its role in efficient operation of the park, need to be critically defined and evaluated.


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