Amendment – 04

Development Concept Plan, Amendment To The General Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park, Mazama Campground/Rim Village Corridor

 Visitor Services and Lodging

 Crater Lake Lodge–Historic Crater Lake Lodge will be fully rehabilitated for continued use as a summer lodge and dining facility. The exterior and some of the interior public spaces will be rehabilitated and preserved, and most modern intrusions will be eliminated. The gift shop will be relocated from the Great Hall, and the lobby and registration desk area will be redesigned for better space utilization. The dining room and Great Hall will be structurally rehabilitated while preserving those portions and features of the rooms that are significant to its historic values. The main floor will include a cocktail lounge and the relocated gift shop. One or two rooms will be used for interpretive purposes, possibly with one room furnished in the 1920s style and another containing exhibits conveying a sense of the history of park preservation, rustic architecture, and decades of visitor enjoyment.

Guest rooms will be enlarged where needed to provide complete bathroom facilities (tub or shower) for each room. There will be a mixture of room sizes (and number of beds in the rooms) throughout the building because of physical constraints and structural elements. Room finishes, fixtures, and furnishings will, for the most part, be new and of a grade consistent with NPS lodging in other parks, but they will also be selected based on the historic character of the lodge. Some rooms will be furnished in the rustic style, retaining the original plumbing fixtures and furnishings similar to the 1920s. Maximum capacity will be obtained by using previously unfinished spaces on the upper floors and spaces now housing employees. Approximately 80 guest rooms and four to six employee rooms will be provided. Plumbing, wiring, heating, fire detection, and sprinkler systems will be replaced to meet current codes. Material that does not conform to code will be replaced throughout.

The lakeside terrace will be replaced with a slightly wider terrace that can be used for outdoor dining in good weather. The varied fire stairs and other additions to the exterior will be removed – interior fire stairs will be provided along with an elevator. The parking area will be redesigned to retain the historic character of the landscape and to accommodate 100 guest vehicles. A new access road, following former picnic area roads, will facilitate removal of existing lodge traffic from the rim.


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