Amendment – 05 PROPOSED ACTION AND FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT – Public Involvement/Availability

Development Concept Plan, Amendment To The General Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park, Mazama Campground/Rim Village Corridor


 Public Involvement/Availability

The supplemental environmental assessment was made available for public and agency comment on December 1, 1987. Public meetings were held January 25-28, 1988, in Klamath Falls, Medford, Roseburg, and Portland, Oregon. Comments were accepted until February 5, 1988. Approximately 403 letters and response forms were received, representing 434 individuals and four organizations. Nearly 400 attended the public meetings, with 74 presenting verbal comments; written testimony represented the opinions of 49 individuals. Two petitions in favor of saving the lodge were signed by 3,773 individuals. There was some duplication with individuals signing petitions, writing letters, and being represented by an organization. The majority of the comments received (other than the petitions) expressed opinions primarily related to lodging at Crater Lake, and to a lesser extent to the other planning issues for general park development. The petitions addressed only retention of the lodge for its “original intended use” or removal but did not clearly address the adaptive use alternatives.

Removal of the historic lodge was rejected by a substantial majority. There was clear support for preservation of the lodge for lodging, but no evident consensus for a particular preservation alternative. Also, there was strong support for a year-round lodging facility in addition to rehabilitation of the lodge, use of the rustic style of architecture for all development in the park, improved food services, and a varied price range in the lodging facilities. A survey of summer visitors produced similar results. Copies of the assessment and analysis of comments received are available at park headquarters and in the regional office. Copies of the “Finding of No Significant Impact” have been sent to those who commented and to those on the mailing list.

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