Amendment – 06 Interpretive Facilities

Development Concept Plan, Amendment To The General Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park, Mazama Campground/Rim Village Corridor

 Visitor Services and Lodging

 Interpretive Facilities

NPS interpretive functions will be provided within the new activity center, reducing the number of separate structures in Rim Village, providing economies in construction, and integrating all functions more closely with the total visitor experience. The multilevel structure will allow for a vertical layering of functions so that intensive day use activities can be on lower levels and the more passive hotel functions on upper levels. The primary interpretive functions include information, orientation, association sales, changing exhibit area, general exhibits and related AV functions, and a small theater. The theater will feature a short introductory program during the summer; a longer, more explanatory program will be given during the winter.


The general exhibit area is envisioned as covering such topics as tips for exploring lesser known areas of the park, an animated piece about the Mazama sequence of events, human history, CCC and park history, the park in winter (as a summer offering), the lake research program, and other geological and natural history topics. Visitor-activated video monitors may be used to present some of these topics. These functions will occur primarily on lower levels, near the point of visitor arrival, and are designed to serve large numbers of people with relatively rapid turnover during the summer. Additional exhibits will be incorporated into other areas of the facility, integrating interpretation with the overall visitor experience. A multipurpose room that can be used for evening programs, meetings, employee functions, additional mid-day eating space, and other functions will be provided. This space may serve as the starting point for snowshoe walks and as a brown-bag lunchroom and warming place for cross-country skiers in the winter.

A place to view the lake in the winter is of primary importance. Although many visitors might venture out on snowshoes or skis to the edge of the caldera, or possibly on temporary walkways (such as rolled-out snow fencing), they will also be able to view the lake from the comfort of the new activity center. This viewing area, located at a level above normal snow depths, could be accommodated in the main lounge or in a separate area. Exhibits to identify features and provide dimensional information will be included.

Other interpretive functions will include the previously mentioned historical exhibits in the existing lodge and geological emphasis at the Sinnott Memorial. The Kaiser Studio is proposed as a gallery for graphic arts. The permanent collection will consist of nicely displayed photographs by Kaiser. Occasionally, these may be temporarily replaced by other shows. The studio could serve as a gathering point for guided walks and children’s programs, with an outdoor seating area for naturalist talks and simply as a place to get out of the cold. Another possibility would be an artist-in-residence program.


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