Amendment – 07 Munson Valley

Development Concept Plan, Amendment To The General Management Plan, Crater Lake National Park, Mazama Campground/Rim Village Corridor

 Visitor Services and Lodging

Munson Valley

Major improvements to management facilities in Munson Valley are continuing. Facilities for administrative and management, research, library, and curatorial operations have been significantly improved. A new visitor information center is functioning, and future improvements are planned for maintenance facilities and employee housing. Removal of the gas station will allow this area to be restored to more natural conditions and improve the setting for the historic headquarters district.

Housing will be required for approximately 22 concessioner employees that will be displaced when the existing lodge is rehabilitated, and for approximately 40 to 45 additional employees that will be required by the expanded operation. Construction of new housing or expansion of existing housing facilities will not be permitted in the Rim Village, although existing office space in the employee dormitory could be converted to employee quarters. The concessioner might require a year-round office facility and some warehouse space as the year-round operation in the Rim Village expands. An exact location for these facilities has not been determined, but they will probably be located within the existing Munson Valley/Sleepy Hollow developed area. A proposed study will evaluate aspects of employee housing, both permanent and seasonal, for the Park Service and concessioner. Alternative locations within and adjacent to the park will also be considered. Following this study, a location for concessioner housing and management facilities will be determined. The concessioner will be required to provide transportation from the new housing facilities for employees working in the Rim Village so visitor parking spaces will not be taken by concessioner employees.

The Munson Valley wastewater treatment system will be expanded to accommodate the additional loading from the Rim Village and new facilities in Munson Valley. Concurrently, modifications will be made to improve the existing system serving Munson Valley.


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