Impacts – 13 Notes

Impacts of Visitor Spending on Local Economy:
Crater Lake National Park, 2001


1 Visitors staying with friends and relatives or an owned seasonal home in the area are treated as non-local day visitors

2 Questionnaires were distributed proportionally at Annie Springs Entrance (52%) and North Entrance (48%).

3 A party night is a travel group staying one night in the area. The travel group is usually all individuals in the same
vehicle or staying in the same room or campsite. For day trips, estimates are in party days.

4 Stays of more than 7 days or groups of more than 8 people were omitted in computing these averages.

5 Due to a small number of backcountry campers sampled in the survey (n=3), the MGM2 default spending profile is used.

6 Spending does not include airfares.

7 MGM2 generic rural area multipliers are applied in calculating these values.

8 For example, if a visitor buys $50 dollars worth of clothing at a local store, the store receives the retail margin (assume $20 dollars), the wholesaler or shipper (if local) may receive $5 dollars, and the remaining producer price of the clothing ($25 dollars) leaks immediately outside the local economy, unless the clothing is manufactured in the local region.

9 The nightly room fee was reduced by 5%, around $5 dollars. 10 Sampling errors depend on the number of cases sampled and the variation in the study population. 11 Including four spending outliers will increase the average by 13%. Treating all cases with missing values (n=49) as zero’s decreases the average spending by 11%.


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