Impacts – 04 The Region

Impacts of Visitor Spending on Local Economy:
Crater Lake National Park, 2001
The Region


Crater Lake National Park is located within the boundaries of Douglas, Jackson and Klamath County, Oregon. The population of the three county area in 2000 was 346,289 with an average income per capita of $23,338. Total personal income was $8 billion, and total full-time and part-time employment was 190,409 jobs (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2002). Services and manufacturing are two major sectors in the economy, accounting for more than 40% of total earnings in this region (Table 2). The restaurant sector supported 10,000 jobs in 2000, followed by amusement and recreation services (2,861 jobs), and the lodging sector (2,043 jobs). In 2000, the total lodging tax receipts in East Douglas, Jackson and Klamath County was $4.2 million. Sixty percent of the lodging tax was collected at Jackson County (Dean Runyan Associates, 2002). With an average 7% lodging tax rate, $4.2 million in lodging taxes equates to $60 million in lodging sales in the three count area in 2000.

Table 2 Economic activity by sectors in Douglas, Jackson and Klamath County, Oregon 2000



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