Impacts – 08 Economic Impacts of Visitor Spending

Impacts of Visitor Spending on Local Economy:
Crater Lake National Park, 2001
Economic Impacts of Visitor Spending

The $30.7 million spent by Crater Lake NP visitors had a direct economic impact on the region of $25.8 million in direct sales, $8.6 million in personal income (wages and salaries), $13.0 million in value added, and supported 733 jobs in the region7 (Table 7). The lodging sector received the largest share of direct sales ($10.8 million), followed by restaurants ($6.6 million). Direct effects in Table 7 are less than total spending, as only the retail and wholesale margins on visitor purchases of goods accrue to the local economy. The local region surrounding Crater Lake NP captures 84% of visitor spending. Sixteen percent of visitor spending leaks out of the local economy to cover the costs of imported goods bought by visitors8.

The sales multiplier for the region was 1.33, meaning that an additional $0.33 in sales is generated through secondary effects for every dollar of direct sales. Secondary effects generated an additional 130 jobs, about $2.9 million in personal income and $5.3 million in value added.

Table 7. Economic impacts of Crater Lake NP visitor spending, 2001



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