Report – 03 Building and Fencing

Report of the Superintendent of the Crater Lake National Park, 1910

 Building and Fencing.


In the spring of 1909 all the buildings at the superintendent’s headquarters in the park were found to be very seriously damaged by the snows of the preceding winter. During the season of 1909 repairs to all the framing and to the outside work were completed. All was done that was necessary to give them the strength to resist the great weight of the snow, but owing to a lack of funds the materials for the inside finishing were not purchased, nor was the finishing work done last season. This season all materials necessary for the work have been purchased and all the woodwork upon the buildings has been completed and some of the painting has been done, though some additional painting will be necessary during the next season.

The sum all amount of fencing in the reserve was properly repaired in the beginning of the season and is now in good condition.


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