Report – 06 Observance of Rules and Regulations.

Report of the Superintendent of the Crater Lake National Park, 1910

 Observance of Rules and Regulations.


There have been no arrests or trials of offenders during the last season, and so far as known there have been no violations of the rules.

The regulations are seldom intentionally violated, but it is difficult to prevent the cutting of the bushes and boughs for beds about the camping places, and to keep persons from painting, carving, and writing names and other things upon rocks, trees, banisters, or boats or other objects. The proper regulation of the carrying of firearms through the park is becoming a problem, as the road through the park is the only one between the settlements lying on one side of the park and the hunting grounds of the Cascade Mountains on the other.

During the last season all guns were taken at the superintendent’s office, checked, and returned upon presentation of the coupon when the visitor was ready to depart from the park. At one time there were more than 40 guns in the office. Some good gun seals could be used to advantage in handling this perplexing question.


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