Report – 08 Recommendations

Report of the Superintendent of the Crater Lake National Park, 1910


That a company of soldiers be detailed to duty in this park during the season of 1911 to act as scouts, game wardens, and fire guards, and for general park ranger duty.

That the patented lands in the southeastern corner of the park be purchased by the Government.

That the boundaries of the park be extended west and north so as to take in sufficient territory on the western and lower slope of the Cascade Mountains for a game preserve.

That Crater Lake be stocked with the small brown crawfish for fish food, and that upper Anna Creek, East Anna Creek, Sand Creek, and Castle Creek be stocked with eastern brook trout.

Estimates of appropriations for necessary improvements and a proper administration of the affairs of the park have previously been submitted.

     Very respectfully,

Superintendent Crater Lake National Park.



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