Proceedings – NATURE NOTES

Proceedings of the First Park Naturalists’ Training Conference, November 1 to 30, 1929



By C. Frank Brockman and Dorr G. Yeager

Purpose: The purpose of Nature Notes is to disseminate authentic information in a periodic record of interesting events relative to natural and human history, as well as extraordinary developments in the park — particularly in the educational work. It should be presented primarily in a popular manner.

Circulation: It should be mailed to all who are interested or who are in a position to make use of it including libraries, schools, newspapers, periodicals, museums, outdoor and nature organizations and individuals prominent in conservation activities. We realize that there is a danger of too great a circulation, and we believe that care should be exercised in placing these notes where they will do the most good.

Scope and Content Material: Nature Notes is primarily a popular record of natural history notes. It should also include anything of interest along educational, scientific or park development lines that will aid in bringing the park closer to the public. To further illustrate, such items as accession records, trips or interesting experiences, future plans, poetry, interesting visitors, etc., anything which has a direct bearing to the park or is related to the region something in the same manner as a museum.

Format: Not less than six pages and not more than 10; mimeographed on 8 x 10-1/2″ size and illustrated by sketches — on one side of paper only. Possibly a regulation Nature Notes envelope would help the appearance.

Printed or Mimeographed: Nature Notes should be mimeographed until such time as sufficient funds are available to develop and print it in a professional manner including first class layout, illustration, paper, and printing technique.

Single publications: Nature Notes should be continued as an individual park publication, but their development should be kept on a uniform plan in all parks. As to printing; should this be possible, all parks should be allowed equal leeway and financial help, none being favored in this respect.


It was pointed out that the number of copies of Nature Notes which can now be produced is limited by the equipment and supplies available to the Educational Division.

It was agreed that Nature Notes should be produced in standard size and format for the various parks.

Nature Notes justify their cost because:

(1) Items are copied by newspapers and magazines throughout the country.

(2) They present an excellent educational medium.

(3) By exchange, they help us to secure magazines, books, etc.

The park naturalists are of the unanimous opinion that “taking into consideration the labor and cost involved, and the benefits derived by the public, Nature Notes more than justify their existence and an effort should be made to extend their field where possible.”

The park naturalists expressed themselves as being of the opinion that it will be highly advisable to have a general park publication which would cover the field of Nature Notes for all the parks. It was suggested that this publication might also be a house organ for the Park Service and that it should be made available to the public.


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