CHAPTER TWELVE: Resource Management: 1916-Present E. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: 1970s-1980s

Crater Lake National Park: Administrative History by Harlan D. Unrau and Stephen Mark, 1987

 CHAPTER TWELVE: Resource Management In Crater Lake National Park: 1916-Present



Resource management concerns continued to be the focus of considerable attention by Crater Lake National Park personnel during the 1970s and 1980s. In June 1970 the Service adopted three objectives that would govern the parameters for resource management concerns for the decade. These were:

a. The primary natural resources of the park will be managed to insure the perpetuation of the factors basic to the park’s establishment

b. Encourage and administer a viable and purposeful research program

c. Road systems and park developments will be brought into balance with demonstrated visitor use patterns with regard to the influence on existing ecosystems [51]

One of the primary issues that continued to face park officials in the early 1970s was wildlife management, particularly as it pertained to black bear. Thus in November 1974 Superintendent Sims approved a bear management plan that was in line with the NPS Advisory Board on Wildlife Management’s recommendation “that the biotic associations within each park be maintained or, where necessary, recreated as nearly as possible in the condition that prevailed when the area was first visited by white man.”