APPENDIX C5: General Regulations of June 10, 1908 GENERAL REGULATIONS OF JUNE 10, 1908.

Crater Lake National Park: Administrative History by Harlan D. Unrau and Stephen Mark, 1987

 APPENDIX C5: General Regulations of June 10, 1908

By act of Congress approved May 22, 1902, the tract of land bounded north by the parallel forty-three degrees four minutes north latitude, south by forty-two degrees forty-eight minutes north latitude, east by the meridian one hundred and twenty-two degrees west longitude, and west by the meridian one hundred and twenty-two degrees sixteen minutes west longitude, having an area of 249 square miles, in the State of Oregon. and including Crater Lakes has been reserved and withdrawn from settlement, occupancy, or sale under the laws of the United States, and dedicated and set apart forever as a public park or pleasure ground for the benefit of the people of the United States, to be known as “CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK.”

The park by said act is placed under the exclusive control of the Secretary of the Interior, and these rules and regulations are made and published in pursuance of the duty imposed on him in regard thereto.

1. It is forbidden to injure, or destroy in any manner, any of the natural curiosities or wonders within the park, or to disturb the mineral deposits in the reservation, except under the conditions prescribed in paragraph 11 of these regulations.

2. It is forbidden to cut or injure any timber growing on the park lands, except for use in the construction of places of entertainment, and in connection with the working of located mining claims, or to deface or injure any government property. Camping parties and others on the reservation will be allowed to use dead or fallen timber for fuel in the discretion of the superintendent.

3. Fires should be lighted only when necessary and completely extinguished when not longer required. The. utmost care must be exercised at all times to avoid setting fire to the timber and grass.

4. Hunting or killing, wounding or capturing any bird or wild animal on the park lands, except dangerous animals when necessary to prevent them from destroying life or inflicting an injury, is prohibited. The outfits, including guns, traps, teams, horses, or means of transportation used by persons engaged in hunting, killing, trapping, ensnaring, or capturing such birds or wild animals, or in possession of game killed on the park lands under other circumstances than prescribed above, will be taken up by the superintendent and held subject to the order of the Secretary of the Interior, except in cases where it is shown by satisfactory evidence that the outfit is not the property of the person or persons violating this regulation and the actual owner thereof was not a party to such violation. Firearms will only be permitted in the park on written permission from the superintendent thereof.

5. Fishing with nets, seines, traps, or by the use of drugs or explosives, or in any other way than with hook and line, is prohibited. Fishing for purposes of merchandise or profit is forbidden. Fishing may be prohibited by order of the superintendent in any of the waters of the park, or limited therein to any specified season of the year, until otherwise ordered by the Secretary of the Interior.

6. No person will be permitted to reside permanently, engage in any business, or erect buildings, etc., upon the government lands in the park without permission, in writing, from the Secretary of the Interior. The superintendent may grant authority to competent persons to act as guides and revoke the same in his discretion. No pack trains will be allowed in the park unless in charge of a duly registered guide.