All operators shall require each of their employees to wear a metal badge, with a number thereon, or other mark of identification, the name and number corresponding therewith, or the identification mark, being registered in the superintendent’s office. These badges must be worn in plain sight.

14. Dogs and cats. — Dogs and cats are prohibited on the Government lands in the park except that upon written permission of the superintendent, secured upon entrance, they may be transported over through roads by persons passing through the park provided they are kept under leash, crated or otherwise under restrictive control of the owner at all times while in the park: Provided, however, That employees and others may be authorized by the superintendent to keep dogs in the park administrative area, or areas, on a condition that they are kept within the confines of these areas, and subject to such further conditions in the interest of good park administration as may be determined by the superintendent.

15. Dead animals. — All domestic or grazed animals that may die on Government lands in the park, at any tourist camp, or along any of the public thoroughfares shall be buried immediately by the owner or person having charge of such animals at least 2 feet beneath the ground, and in no case less than one-fourth mile from any camp or thoroughfare.

16. Travel on roads and trails. — Pedestrians on trails, when saddle or pack animals are passing, shall remain quiet until the animals have passed.

Persons traveling on the trails of the park either on foot or on saddle animals shall not make short cuts but shall confine themselves to the main trails.

Any and all roads and trails in the park may be closed to public use by order of the superintendent when, in his judgment, conditions make travel thereon hazardous or dangerous, or when such action is necessary to protect the park.

17. Travel — General. — (a) Saddle horses, pack trains, and horse-drawn vehicles have right of way over motor-propelled vehicles at all times.

(b) Load and weight limitations shall be those prescribed from time to time by the superintendent of the park and shall all be complied with by the operators of all vehicles using the park roads. Schedules showing weight limitations for different roads in the park may be seen at the office of the superintendent and at ranger stations at the park entrances.

(c) All vehicles shall be equipped with lights for night travel. At least one light must be carried on the left front side of all horse-drawn vehicles in a position such as to be visible from both front and rear.

18. Miscellaneous. — No pack-train or saddle-horse party shall be allowed in the park unless in charge of a guide or competent leader. Such guides or leaders may be required to pass an examination prescribed by and in a manner satisfactory to the superintendent. At the discretion of the superintendent, guides may be permitted to carry unsealed firearms.

19. Fines and penalties. — Persons who render themselves obnoxious by disorderly conduct or bad behavior shall be subjected to the punishment hereinafter prescribed for violation of the foregoing regulations, and/or they may be summarily removed from the park by the superintendent.