9. Right of way, etc. — Any vehicle traveling slowly upon any of the park roads, when overtaken by a faster-moving motor vehicle, and upon suitable signal from such overtaking vehicle, shall move to the right to allow safe passage.

When automobiles going in opposite directions meet on a grade, the ascending machine has the right of way, and the descending machine shall be backed or otherwise handled as may be necessary to enable the ascending machine to pass in safety.

10. Muffler cut-outs. — Muffler cut-outs shall be closed at all times within the park boundaries.

11. Accidents; stop-overs. — If cars stop because of accident or for any reason, they shall be immediately parked in such a way as not to interfere with travel on the road.

The driver of any motor-driven vehicle who meets with an accident shall report same at the nearest ranger station or to the superintendent of the park.

12. Lights. — All automobiles shall be equipped with head and tail lights, the headlights to be of sufficient brilliancy to insure safety in a driving at night, and all lights shall be kept lighted after sunset when automobile is on the roads. Headlights must either be equipped with antiglare devices deflecting powerful beams to a height of not over 36 inches above the road or else must be dimmed whenever meeting other automobiles, motor cycles, driving or riding animals and pedestrians.

13. Intoxication. — No person who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor and no person who is addicted to the use of narcotic drugs shall operate or drive a motor-driven vehicle of any kind on the park roads.

14. Horns. — The horn shall be sounded before passing other automobiles, motor cycles, riding or driving animals, or pedestrians.

15. Fines and penalties. — Any person who violates any of the foregoing regulations shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine of not more than $500, or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both, and be adjudged to pay all costs of the proceedings, and/or may be punished by revocation of the automobile permit and by immediate ejectment from the park. Such violation shall be cause for refusal to issue a new automobile permit to the offender without prior sanction in writing from the Director of the National Park Service or the superintendent of the park.

Rules and Regulations, December 21, 1932, RG 79, Central Files, 1933-49, File No. 208, Part 1, Crater Lake, Rules and Regulations, General.

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