84 Appendix B6: Crater Lake National Park: 1912

Crater Lake National Park: Administrative History by Harlan D. Unrau and Stephen Mark, 1987


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APPENDIX B6: Crater Lake National Park: 1912


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Crater Lake National Park is situated on the summit of the Cascade Range in south-central Oregon. It has an area of 159,360 acres and is situated in the midst of a beautiful mountain country, the principal attraction being Crater Lake, a body of water having an area of 20-1/4 square miles (water surface) which is situated in the caldera of an extinct volcano. The lake is surrounded by unbroken cliffs which range from 500 to nearly 2,000 feet in height. The coloring of the water and of the surrounding cliffs presents some of the most striking pictures seen in the western mountain country. The park is under the control of the Secretary of the Interior, who is represented in the actual administration of the park by a superintendent and a limited number of park rangers.

This park may be reached from Klamath Falls on the Southern Pacific Railroad, thence by boat to Rocky Point, thence by automobile line to the park. Through tickets are sold direct to the park. The park may be reached also by private conveyance from Medford and Ashland on the Southern Pacific Railroad.

The tourist season extends from June 15 to September 30. The address of the superintendent is Crater Lake, Oreg., during the tourist season and Klamath Falls, Oreg., during the balance of the year. General information may be obtained from the superintendent and complaints should be addressed to him.


Distances from Camp Arant to principal points in park.

Name Distance and direction from Camp Arant (miles) Elevation above sea level (feet) Best means of reaching Remarks

Camp Arant 6,016 At this point are located superintendent’s headquarters, post office, park ranger station, and hotel.
Crater Lake 5 NE 6,177 Auto or wagon Beautiful scenery; good fishing.
Wizard Island 7 NE 6,940 Auto and boat Extinct volcano; crater in summit.
Phantom Ship 8 NE 6,339 do Columns of rock 200 feet high resembling ship.
Anna Creek Canyon 0 to 8 SE 5,000 to 6,116 Auto or wagon 500 feet wide, 500 feet deep. Creek in bottom; good scenery.
Anna Creek Falls 6 SE 5,480 do Waterfall 60 feet; good scenery.
Garden of the Gods 1-1/2 SE 6,000 do Waterfall, meadows, creek in bottom; good scenery.
Union Peak 5 SW 7,698 Horseback Fine peak; good scenery.
Victor Rock 5 N 7,200 Auto or wagon Best viewpoint of lake.
Watchman Peak 9 N 8,025 Wagon or horseback Fine scenery.
Glacier Peak 10 N 8,156 do Do.
Garfield Peak 6 NE 8,060 Auto and on foot Do.
Scott Peak 12 NE 8,938 Horseback Highest point in park.

For trips to any of the above-named points in the park the ordinary outing clothing will be sufficient.

For trips to some of the more remote points, some camp equipage, pack horses, and a guide will be necessary.

Saddle horses, pack animals, and necessary equipments can usually be obtained in the nearby valleys, and guides can also usually be secured when wanted.