79 Appendix A12: Crater Lake National Park Strength of Force Plan, 1946

Crater Lake National Park: Administrative History by Harlan D. Unrau and Stephen Mark, 1987


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APPENDIX A12: Crater Lake National Park Strength of Force Plan, 1946


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V1 – 8 miles or better
V2 – 5 to 8 miles
V3 – 0 to 5 miles
R1 – all foreseen man-cause
R2 – all unforseen man-cause
R3 – forecast of locally observed storm
R4 – general or severe local storm
Symbols used
X – position to be manned and/or action taken
V – visibility
R – risk


Specific Action to be Taken Burning Index Class

2 3 4 5 6 7 8-10

Man Watchman and Mt. Scott Lookouts R-3 X X X X X X
Activate Dispatcher’s Office X X X X X X X
Supplement fire protection organization with emergency fire guards R-4 R-4 R-3 R-3 R-3 X X
Man all ranger stations R-3 X X X X X X
Man secondary lookouts–Union Peak and Crater Peak–72 hours following thunderstorm V-3 V-2 X X X X X
The regular storehouse man and one mechanic held in Utility Area extra hours, weekends and holidays       R-4 R-3 X X
One regular member of park clerical force held in Headquarters extra hours, weekends and holidays       R-4 R-3 X X
All ranger and fire protection personnel on standby     R-4 R-3 X X X
Naturalist staff on standby       R-4 R-3 X X
All permanent, seasonal and per diem park employees on standby         R-4 R-3 X
Patrol of main highway system, campgrounds and picnic areas       R-2 R-1 X X
No smoking while traveling rule put into effect       X X X X
All burning operations to cease after 1 day     X        
No burning operations       X X X X
Blasting permitted with electric caps–watchman on duty one hour after blasting     X        
Blasting in rock cuts where all debris, humis and trees have been removed permitted with electric cap; watchman on duty on hour after blasting       X      
No blasting prohibited         X    
Close motorway system to all travel and use         X    
Restrict visitor use to main highway system and developed areas           X X
Contact all local cooperators     R-4 X X X X
Publicity–notify public through evening programs, contacts at entrance stations, campgrounds, etc.       X      
Contact all park contractors and the public operator–notify of danger and request special precautions         X    
Notify Regional Director’s Office of conditions and impending danger       R-4 R-3 R-3 X


“Annual Forestry Report, Crater Lake National Park,” 1946, RG 79, Region IV, Central Classified Files, 1923-65, Crater Lake, Box 21, Folder No. 883, “Part III, 1/1/42 – 1/1/51,” FRC, San Bruno.