Most Visitors To Crater Lake Park Travel in Autos – July 19, 1924

Most Visitors To Crater Lake Park Travel in Autos

The Fresno Bee
Fresno, California
July 19, 1924

Fishing in Unusually Good and Limit Catches are Quite Common


Up to the evening of July 6th a total of 4,941 cars and 14,942 visitors entered Crater Lake National Park. Thus at the end of the first week of the official season nearly as many visitors entered as during the entire season of 1923, when a total of 33,011 visitors registered.

The west gate has registered 2,405 cars and 7,692 visitors and the south gate, 2,259, cars and 7,045 visitors. Over 99 per cent of the total travel consists of visitors entering in private automobiles.

The increased popularity of Diamond Lake as a recreational center has brought about a great increase in the number of visitors entering from the north road. The east entrance is showing a proportionate increase in outgoing travel to Bend and to The Dalles.

Campfire Singing

A novel feature introduced at Crater Lake this year is campfire singing and impromptu entertainments in the camp grounds. The nucleus of these entertainments has been be male quartet from the University of Kentucky, Rangers DeCoursey, Baughman, Clem and Herrin who, after a concert tour of the big eastern cities, have come out from the Blue Grass State to accept positions as park rangers for the Summer. After working all day on trails, patrols, at checking stations, etc, they sing at the various camp grounds in the evenings. Out of audiences totaling several hundreds other talent is almost always available and is generously contributed to the general good time. These campfire stunts are but a forerunner of the jolly evenings that may be expected when the new community house is completed about the end of July.

Fishing Unusually Good

Throughout the southern Cascade region fishing is reported unusually good. Limit catches are very common at Crater Lake; the silversides planted two years ago are now husky – citizens and are generally reported as even gamier than the rainbow trout. Remarkable catches are being made in Diamond Lake and Klamath Lake.