Heavy Touring Season Begins – July 5, 1924

Heavy Touring Season Begins at Crater Lake

The Fresno Bee

Fresno, California
July 5, 1924

Work on Roads Made Possible Through Recent Snow; Are in Good Shape Now

The snow melted immediately, wetting down the roads. Road gangs were immediately dispatched in all directions so that park roads are in unusually good condition.CRATER LAKE (Ore.) The rain, which recently descended like manna on Oregon, brought snow to Crater Lake National Park. Heavy, wet snow fell for two days, clinging to everything it touched, making a gorgeous Christmas tree of every tree in the endless forests. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the gorgeous sight, and scores of hardened and competent campers pitched their tents and stayed throughout the storm to enjoy the unusual experience. Every available barn and cabin in the park was crowded with visitors.

Rim Road Now Open

Because of concentration of effort on the lower park roads, the clearing of the last section of the rim road of snow was suspended. This work was resumed after the snow and the rim road is open now. This is the earliest date in the history of the park on which the rim road was cleared of snow.

The entire fifty-seven mile park road system is now open. The road between the park and Diamond Lake is also in use.

Park Hotel In Operation

The lodge has been taking care of guests since June 22nd and now in full operation for the season. Launch and rowboat service is also in operation. Three seven passenger auto stages have been added to the equipment to take care of anticipated increased railroad travel.

The ranger stations are open at the east, south and west entrances to take care of the unprecedented travel. Telephone-telegraph service has been established. In short, the park is already in operation on practically a mid-season basis.

Although practically all other national parks are closed to travel between 9 P. M. and 6 A. M., night travel into Crater Lake National Park will be permitted for a further period, possibly all season. The entrance stations will close a 8:30 P. M. but night travelers must register at the Anna Spring checking station, where rangers will be on duty all night.