Crater Lake Travel Increases Daily – September, 1929

Crater Lake Travel Increases Daily

Modesto News-Herald

Modesto, California
September, 1929

Since the opening of the route to the rim of Crater Lake on June 22, the number of Summer vacationists has daily increased until travel roads show an increase of five hundred people over last year, remarks the touring department of the National Automobile Club. The greater portion of the travel to date has been from the South. Tourists comment on the fine conditions of roads throughout the park, all roads being opened with the exception of a few miles along the north rim.

Since Secretary Ray Lyman Wilbur rode the first horse over the new trail to the water’s edge of Crater Lake, this trip has increased in popularity and the horse has found a place in Crater Lake National Park. The new trail, 8000 feet in length, zig-zagging from the rim to the waters edge is exceptionally constructive for saddle horses, and is sufficiently wide to allow hikers along the trail to pass saddle horses without danger.