$2 Million Crater Lake Lodge Expansion Revealed – January 12, 1968

$2 Million Crater Lake Lodge Expansion Revealed

Klamath Falls Herald and News

Klamath Falls, Oregon
January 12, 1968

A new 30-year contract and a building program totaling nearly $2 million has been announced by Ralph Peyton and J M. Griffin, owners of Crater Lake Lodge.

The long-term contract, only the fourth of such length in the history of the governing National Park Service, will enable the principals to embark upon a nine-year capital investment project. The program calls for construction of a 100-unit trailer-park, a 50-unit motel, an employe dormitory, complete rebuilding of the existing lodge into a luxury 60-unit hotel, major additions to existing cafeteria and gift shop, replacement of existing cabins with modern units and various other improvements.

The work is to be performed during the short summer seasons of the next nine years, according to Peyton, who with his partner purchased the operating concession and buildings at Crater Lake National Park in 1989.

First major addition, costing nearly $400,000, will be construction of the 100-unit trailer park, located near the south entrance adjacent to the Mazama camping area. Work will be started this summer and finished during the summer of 1969. Facilities will include complete utility look-up for trailers as well as a service station, grocery store restaurant, gift shop, cocktail lounge, showers and laundromat.

The second phase, to be completed during the summers of 1970-71, will consist of a 50-unit motel with coffee shop and gift shop, to be located in the headquarters area in Munson Valley, three miles from the lake rim.

The third phase, during 1972-73, will see construction of an employe dormitory at Rim Village to house the 160 employes working to the Rim.

Phase No. 4 will see a major remodel of the 53-year-old lodge. Only original stone work will be retained and in its place will rise a 60-room modern lodge. During the past three years, the existing lodge has been modernized with new carpeting and furniture and a new sprinkler system to provide unnecessary comfort for guests until the new building is finished.

Earlier, the existing gift shop and cafeteria at Rim Village will be doubled in size.

During this overall construction period, the so-called “cold water” cabins on the lake rim, will be replaced with modern single-family units with full utilities.