Crater Lake Visitors Still Feel Effects – July 24, 1973

Crater Lake Visitors Still Feel Effects

The Modesto Bee

Modesto, California

July 24, 1973

visitors-feel-effects Nearly a month after visiting Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, several Modestans still are feeling the effects of illness caused by drinking polluted water. However, no serious complications have developed.

Eighty members of the First Baptist Church college-age choir and their chaperones, along with several local families, visited the park the first week in July before the pollution was discovered.

Upon returning home, several became ill with nausea and vomiting, followed by cramps and diarrhea with chills and headaches. The illness has lingering symptoms.

Mrs. W. C. (Bud) LaCore, whose daughter is a member of the choir, said several members are still suffering some discomfort. She added they have to be careful what they eat, to avoid recurrence of the symptoms, but no major problems have developed.

Walter Person, who visited the park with his wife, said he still feels “a little bit” of the symptoms and is lethargie, but is recovering.

The Hubert Stewart family of Modesto were among the season’s first visitors at the park, stopping there June 16, the second day the park was open. Stewart said the family received gamma globulin shots against the possibility of hepatitis, mainly for “peace of mind” because officials do not believe the water was polluted until after the family’s visit.

The Persons and members of the choir also had gamma globulin shots after learning about the pollution problem a week after visiting the park.

Crater Lake National Park has been closed since July 11. Heavy doses of chlorine have been added to the water supply in an effort to purify it.

No date has been set for the reopening of the park.