Anti-mining bill passes – February 5, 1976

Anti-mining bill passes


February 5, 1976
WASHINGTON (UP1) – Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore., said a bill approved by the Senate Wednesday would close a loophole that would allow mining within Crater Lake National Park and five other areas of the National Park System.

Hatfield said Congress in creating Crater Lake Park in 1907 failed to specify mining was not permitted. He said that while no mining has been undertaken in the park that allowing any such operation would be a “mockery of the protection the public expected when the area was created.”

The measure was approved by a 70-16 vote in the Senate and sent to the House.

Also affected by the legislation were Death Valley National Monument in California, Glacier Bay National Monument and Mt. McKinley National Park in Alaska and Coronado National Memorial and Organ Pipe Cactus National Memorial in Arizona.