Crater Lake Final Report – Winter 1991

Crater Lake Final Report

Park Science, Vol. 11 – No. 1
Winter 1991, pp. 9

National Park Service

Dept. of the Interior
Limnological studies of Crater Lake were initiated by NPS in 1982 in response to the suggestion that characteristics of the lake were changing because of human activities around the lake. The final report of these studies is in the final stages of preparation under the direction of Gary Larson, a Research Scientist with the CPSU at Oregon State University.

A draft of the report, which describes a wide array of studies of biological and physical properties of the lake, was distributed for review in December 1992. On Feb. 27, 1993 a panel of scientists met at OSU to discuss the report. Members of this peer review panel were Stanford Loeb, chairman, U/KS; Raymond Hermann, with NPS at CO/State/U; Hiram Li with the Oregon Cooperative Fishery Research Unit of USFWS; Manuel Nathenson, with USGS in Menlo Park, CA; Richard Peterson, with Portland State/U, OR; and John Stoddard, with the U.S. EPA, Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory.