Crater Lake Study Peer Review Panel Meets – Spring 1993

Crater Lake Study Peer Review Panel Meets

Park Science, Vol. 11 – No. 2
Spring 1993, pp. 27

National Park Service

Dept. of the Interior
A technical report on Crater Lake Limnological Investigations, mandated by Congress in 1982, was presented Feb. 27, 1993 to a peer review panel at Oregon State University, chaired by Dr. Stanford L. Loeb of the University of Kansas Department of Systematics and Ecology.

The six panelists heard Principal Investigator Dr. Gary L. Larson review the program’s goals and objectives and describe the lake’s clarity, an integrated view of the lake’s ecosystem, and the long-term monitoring program that is emerging. Dr. Robert Collier discussed lake circulation, hydrothermal processes, and particle flux; Dr. Peter Nelson presented the chemical solute mass balance picture; phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fish were discussed by Drs. C. David McIntire, Larson, and Mr. Mark Buktenica respectively.

Panelists’ comments and critique will be presented within the next few weeks and incorporated as appropriate. The final report will be submitted to the NPS Washington Office by May 1993. In addition to Dr. Loeb, panel members are Dr. Raymond Herrmann, NPS, Fort Collins, CO, Dr. Hiram W. Li, USFWS, OR/State/U, Corvallis; Dr. Manuel Nathenson, USGS, Menlo Park, CA; Dr. Richard Peterson, Portland State U Biology Dept., Portland, OR; and Dr. John L. Stoddard, U.S. EPA Research Lab, Corvallis, OR.