Long lines expected for new license plates – August 23, 2002

Long lines expected for new license plates

Herald and News

Klamath Falls, Oregon
August 23, 2002
Typically long lines at the Klamath Falls DMV office could be even longer than usual Monday because of high interest in brand new Crater Lake plates.

Crater Lake Centennial license plates, which feature the lake and Wizard Island, go on sale at Driver and Motor Vehicle Services offices throughout the state, including Klamath Falls and Lakeview.
“I expect the line-up will begin at 7,” said Deena Rutledge, office manager for the Klamath Falls DMV office, which will open at 8 a.m. “We’re expecting quite a large turn-out. It will be interesting to see who’s in the door first.”

The Klamath Falls office will have the lowest numbered regular plates, beginning at 1001. Originally the office was sent 100 plates, but Rutledge said a call to DMV offices in Salem helped to get several more boxes.

“We’re stocked pretty good for at least a few weeks.”

Rutledge said people can speed up the process by picking up license plate replacement forms — Form 268 — from the office’s drive-through window and having those filled out on Monday. Copies of the form are also available over the Internet at the DMV Web site at www.oregondmv.com.

The plates will be available for passenger cars and motor homes, including custom and amateur radio operator configurations, and travel trailers. Profits from sales of plates will be designated for the Crater Lake National, including the park’s developing science and learning center.

Cost for the license plates vary from $33 to $83 according to various factors.