Governor OKs Crater Lake for state’s quarter – May 25, 2004

Governor OKs Crater Lake for state’s quarter

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Klamath Falls, Oregon
May 25, 2004
First, a license plate

Now, a quarter.
Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski Monday agreed with the recommendation of the Oregon Commemorative Coin Commission, and said he will forward a design featuring Crater Lake to the U.S. Mint as Oregon’s official selection for the state quarter.

The Mint will complete design work and issue the quarter Feb. 14, 2005, Oregon’s birthday.

The selection of Crater Lake, the 33rd in the commemorative quarter program started in 1999, marks the second time in recent years that Crater Lake has received special recognition.

Crater Lake license plates were released by the state in 2002 in conjunction with Crater Lake National Park’s centennial celebration. The plates have been the most popular special licenses in state history.

Kulongoski, who had supported a design featuring a salmon, waited several days before forwarding the Crater Lake design.

“Crater Lake is one of the natural wonders in the world. Steeped in thousands of years of history, and considered sacred land to the Native Americans, it is Oregon’s only National Park enjoyed by thousands every year,” Kulongoski said in a statement announcing his decision. “Crater Lake represents all that is good in Oregon: beautiful scenery and a hardiness that is represented in its citizenry.”
He thanked the Oregon Commemorative Coin Commission for its “hard work in narrowing down the choices for Oregon.”
“The Commission did a fantastic job of capturing Oregon in each of the four designs they submitted to me,” Kulongoski said. “All of the designs serve as a reminder of the great beauty and wonder we enjoy across our state and I appreciate the time they’ve given to this important project.”

Some design changes were recommended in the past few weeks.

“We had been in conversation with the governor’s chief of staff over the last 10 days,” Chuck Lundy, Crater Lake’s superintendent, said today. “There was some interest in making minor adjustments to the design.”
Added to the original design, for example, are more trees on the interior of the caldera.

Lundy said the park had provided state officials with proposed designs and photographs of the lake, but otherwise “we really haven’t been overly involved.”
Crater Lake’s selection, he believes, will bring more attention to Oregon’s only national park.

“We’re very happy the governor has announced that decision,” Lundy said. “It’s great news. Symbolically, these two projects – the quarter and the license plate – raise public awareness and help people in Oregon to remember and appreciate their national park.”
Lundy said he hopes Kulongoski will visit the park this summer. He also expects such groups as the Crater Lake Natural History Association, Friends of Crater Lake and newly former Crater Lake Trust will use the selection to help promote the park.

“There have been a couple of preliminary conversations about how the quarter could be helpful,” Lundy said. “It will present opportunities.”

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