2018 – Jan 23 – Crater Lake Remains Open, sort of

Crater Lake remains open during shutdown,warns of safety concerns

Sunday footage from the Crater Lake Webcams show a stormy day at the park. (Crater Lake National Park Webcam)

The government shutdown has had some unintended consequences in southern Oregon, including the lack of park personnel at Crater Lake National Park.

Gates to Crater Lake will remain open, but all federal facilities located on the premises will be closed through the shutdown. That includes the lodge, visitor centers and restrooms.

When calling the visitors center, a voice message indicates that the park will remain open through the shutdown. However, park staff will not be there to assist visitors with guidance or emergency response– raising safety concerns for those still planning on visiting the snow-clad grounds.

“Highway 62 and the road to park headquarters are open,” said the Visitor Center’s answering machine. “They will remain open during the shut down, and are being plowed periodically.”

The message goes on to say that the road from the park’s headquarters to Rim Village is not being plowed, and will be closed once conditions become unsafe for travel. It’s likely that those conditions have already taken place.

The National Parks Service encourages travelers to be extremely cautious if they decide to visit the area during the shutdown.

While the park’s social media and website will not be monitored until government funding is resolved, travelers can still check the park’s webcams by visiting the Crater Lake website.

Webcam images are automatically updated every ten minutes, and provide views of the Steel Visitor Center, Annie Springs Entrance and Sinnott Memorial Overlook.

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