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Follow-up on 2005 Ranger-Involved Shooting – November 5, 2007

On July 27, 2005, two Crater Lake rangers responded to a domestic disturbance in Mazama Campground….


Park rangers cleared in camper’s shooting death – September 23, 2005

National Park rangers were justified in shooting and killing a drunken California man in July, federal officials announced Thursday.


Man shot at Crater Lake arrested a year ago – August 02, 2005

Police records indicate a California man shot dead by a ranger at Crater Lake National Park last week had been arrested a year ago for allegedly pulling a knife on security guards who confronted him for shoplifting.


Crater Lake has seven rangers with authority to carry guns – August 02, 2005

Like their counterparts at the local or state level, federal officials with law enforcement authority go through training in an academy setting. Most of the training for rangers and other land protection officers is done at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glencoe, Ga.


Ranger details Crater Lake shooting – July 30, 2005

Crater Lake National Park authorities say it took less than two minutes for a California man’s encounter with park rangers to escalate from a domestic disturbance to a fatal shooting.


Ranger shoots violent camper at Crater Lake – July 29, 2005

A club-wielding man who threatened to kill two Crater Lake National Park rangers at a campground Wednesday night was shot dead by one of them in what was believed to be the first such shooting in park history, authorities said.


The Crater Lake murders and the 9-fingered man – July 21, 2002

On July 21, 1952, a trail crew discovered the bodies of two General Motors executives murdered in the woods of Crater Lake National Park. The men had been shot in the head execution style. Their mouths were gagged with their own neckties. Their shoes had been removed from their feet, and one pair had been stolen.


Story of ’52 murders at Crater Lake near finish – January 30, 2000

The pair, Charles Culhane and Albert Jones, were waiting at Annie Creek to meet Frank Eberlein and his associate, Jack Vaughn. They had a fishing trip planned. The campground in the park was their pre-planned meeting place. Then they would go on to Union Creek, location of an Eberlein family cabin.


Park’s rangers do more than fight crime – July 22, 1999

The rangers not only handle crimes, but also protect resources in the park, where rocks aren’t to be taken home and pets and mountain bikes are forbidden on trails. One day rangers can be reminding visitors not to feed chipmunks, and the next they may deal with tourists who disobey rules and hike down the caldera, which has proven deadly.


Mushroom poachers put Crater park staff on alert – October 28, 1998

The 1998 matsutake season in the high Cascades may be a bust, but back-country rangers are still finding the cached baskets and plastic pails of mushroom poachers inside Oregon’s only national park.


Timber inquiry has no deadline: fewer such investigations lately – March 19, 1998

It’s unknown how long it will take for authorities to finish their investigation into an alleged timber theft conspiracy involving Burrill Timber Co. and Timberland Logging.


Theft probe targets Burrill Timber: Ashland loggers also suspected – March 17, 1998

Federal agents are investigating Burrill Timber Co. in connection with the alleged theft of federal timber in the Rogue River National Forest.


Rustlers plunder Oregon forests in search of Japanese delicacy – October 21, 1990

To the ranks of poachers, marijuana growers and timber thieves, rangers in Oregon’s forests can add a new foe — wild mushroom rustlers.


3 Suspects Taken In Oregon Killings – September 19, 1952

The arrest of a forest-wise old prospector, hunted for three months as the killer of an Oregon State policeman, or the capture of two youths today in Millbrae, may solve the murder of two General Motor executives – one a Concord man – in Crater Lake National Park.


Youth Questioned in Double Killing – July 31, 1952

The FBI said Thursday it was questioning an 18-year-old hitchhiker in the slaying of two businessmen July 21 at Crater Lake, Ore.


Executives Found Shot to Death – July 23, 1952

Two missing executives for a Detroit motor firm were found shot to death Monday in the woods of Crater Lake National Park.


Seek Woodsman, Believed Slayer of Two GM Executives – July 22, 1952

A posse swarmed over the wild woodlands of Crater Lake National Park today in an attempt to trap an eccentric mountain woodsman suspected of slaying two General Motors executives.

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