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Three missing people found: hunters, mushroom hunter located Saturday - October 18, 2009

Search teams helped locate two elk hunters and a mushroom hunter who were lost in the forest in separate incidents Saturday.

Rescue at Crater Lake: specialized rescue team saves man from icy slope - February 2, 2009

Park rangers are warning visitors to be cautious around Crater Lake’s steep and icy rim after a Kingsley Field airman slid nearly 200 feet down the caldera while trying to retrieve a cell phone.

Ski patrol member watches over park - January 30, 2009

Niel Barrett doesn’t live at Crater Lake National Park. It just seems like it. When the Crater Lake Ski Patrol was created 26 years ago, Barrett was a charter member. Years later, he’s still part of the group.

Mazama Village to be back to normal - July 23, 2008

Operations at the Mazama Village Store in Crater Lake National Park should be back to normal in the next day or two following an early Monday morning fire.

Fire Contained at Crater Lake - July 22, 2008

A structure fire early Tuesday morning at Crater Lake National Park’s Mazama Village closed the Mazama Village Store and shut down gas and fueling services.

ODOT worker hurt when tree crushes pickup truck - February 4th, 2008

ODOT officials said Bert Fernandez, 58, a 30-year ODOT employee with the High Cascades maintenance crew, was injured Sunday morning when a 32-inch fir tree struck his one-ton pickup.


Employee's House Destroyed By Fire - January 16, 2008

The home of longtime park aquatic ecologist Mark Buktenica and his family was destroyed by fire on Thursday, January 10th. The fire broke out around 9 p.m. that evening. Their property is located about 12 miles outside of Ashland, Oregon, and is accessed by a driver that’s about a quarter-mile long.


Fairview woman dies in Jeep accident near Crater Lake - September 03, 2007

A Fairview woman died late Sunday when she lost control of her Jeep Grand Cherokee on Oregon 62 near Crater Lake. Two passengers were injured in the accident.


Remains of Long Missing Body at Crater Lake - August 29, 2007

Skeletal remains of a body found in a remote area of Crater Lake National Park last summer are being studied to determine if they might be a person missing in the park since 1991.


Post-Kim task force helps in finding man - February 21, 2007

BROOKINGS (AP) - Searchers say collaboration was the key to finding a missing man in a rugged area near here. Pilot Randy Jones spotted Christian Mankey, 47, of Brookings on Sunday in the Emily Creek drainage of the Chetco River.


Task force formed to improve search efforts - February 11, 2007

Search and rescue teams from Southern Oregon and Northern California met Thursday for the first time in an attempt to improve communication and share resources for future missions.


Fatal crash closes Highway 97 - December 29, 2006

A fatal traffic crash has closed down Highway 97, about 15 miles south of the Diamond Lake junction...


Oregon searches point out wide divergence in capabilities - December 23, 2006

Three high-profile searches in Oregon — climbers stuck in a blizzard on Mount Hood, a family stranded in their car on a remote logging road, and a boy lost on foot in Crater Lake National Park — show that where people get lost has a lot to do with the nature of searches to find them...


Remembering a little boy lost - November 23, 2006

Samuel Boehlke's parents share their grief and what they're thankful for today


Memorial Service Scheduled for Boy, 8, Lost at Crater Lake - November 18, 2006

A public memorial service for the 8-year-old Portland boy who was lost at Crater Lake National Park in October is scheduled for next week.


Mom hopes to use dogs to find son - October 25, 2006

The mother of a Portland boy, who was lost earlier this month in Crater Lake National Park, is seeking money to defray the costs of professional volunteer dog teams that she believes are the best chance at finding her son.


Search for boy winds down - October 21, 2006

“(Thursday) was pretty much the last major push,” said search spokesman Rudy Evenson. “The probability of survival is pretty low by now.” Samuel Boehlke of Portland has been missing since last Saturday afternoon when he got separated from his father, Ken, during an outing to Crater Lake.


Ceremony honors missing 8-year-old - October 21, 2006

Kirston Becker, Sammy's mother, told family members and others that the point of the small ceremony Saturday in Crater Lake National Park was to recognize that the formal search for her son had come to an end.


Search, hope for Portland boy all but over - October 21, 2006

Though a helicopter will still scan the area in good weather, the National Park Service's hunt for Sammy is effectively over, leaving only lingering uncertainty for the family and disappointment among the searchers.


Rescue efforts shift to recovery - October 20, 2006

After almost a week of fruitless searching, the hunt for a Portland boy missing near Crater Lake is scaling back today.


Searchers scour woods in vain - October 19, 2006

After nine hours of trudging through thick, wet woods in Crater Lake National Park looking for a Portland boy missing since Saturday, all Manny Ortiz's 16-person Forest Service crew found was a deflated yellow balloon.


'Frustrating' search - October 18, 2006

Horsemen, mountain rescue squads and searchers with dogs combed the north rim of Crater Lake Tuesday, still hoping to find some sign of Samuel Boehlke, the 8-year-old Portland-area boy who became separated from his father Saturday.


Boulders, brush and bravery, but no boy - October 18, 2006

Improved weather Tuesday returned helicopters to the air and searchers to the woods in the increasingly desperate hunt for an 8-year-old Portland boy missing in Crater Lake National Park for three days.


Missing boy faces snow, wind - October 17, 2006

More than 170 searchers from teams across the region braved wintry conditions Monday to continue looking for an 8-year-old boy who got separated from his father Saturday at Crater Lake National Park.


Searchers continue look for boy missing near Crater Lake - October 17, 2006

More than 125 searchers combed the ground today at Crater Lake National Park, in an attempt to find an eight-year-old boy who's been missing since late Saturday.


Snow slows search for boy missing at Crater Lake - October 17, 2006


Massive search underway for boy missing at Crater Lake - October 16, 2006

An 8-year-old Portland boy missing in Crater Lake National Park has spent two nights in freezing temperatures as snow continued to hamper search efforts Monday.


Boy still missing at Crater Lake - October 16, 2006

Searchers were expected to work through the night to locate an 8-year-old Portland boy missing since Saturday.


Jack Batzer dies after a household accident - August 22, 2005

Jack Batzer, 89, fell and struck his head on the garage floor at his Canyon Avenue residence Wednesday. He lingered in a coma at Providence Medford Medical Center before dying Saturday at about 5:45 a.m.

Lost at the lake - November 17, 2004

Three Klamath Falls teenage snowboarders probably won't be totally surprised when they open their Christmas presents.


Crews find lost snowboarders - November 16, 2004

Two teenagers and a 12-year-old from Klamath Falls were rescued by search crews at Crater Lake National Park late Sunday after a botched snowboarding trek. Donald Lucero, 16, Coty Huard, 14, and 12-year-old Justin Silva were discovered cold and huddled together in the lower Dutton Creek area about 11 p.m., six hours after the boys were reported overdue, according to National Park Service rangers.


Missing snowboarders found - November 16, 2004

Three Klamath Falls snowboarders are safe and uninjured after spending Sunday night and early Monday lost in Crater Lake National Park's snowy backcountry.


Park ranger recognized for rescue efforts - December 15, 2002

Rescue efforts that helped save the lives of two cross country skiers buried in an avalanche at Crater Lake National Park in January have earned national honors for park ranger Randy Benham.


Crater Lake ranger presented with Exemplary Act Award - December 07, 2002

On December 7, 2002, National Park Service Ranger Randy Benham was presented with the Department of Interior's Exemplary Act Award in a ceremony at park headquarters.


Lost skiers find searchers - January 24, 2002

Two skiers missing since Saturday in Crater Lake National Park skied out under their own power Wednesday afternoon after being trapped by a snowstorm that dumped more than 3 feet of snow on the park.


Helicopter at bottom of Crater Lake - June 30th, 2000

Whatever happened with the helicopter that crashed into Crater Lake a few years ago? Did they ever fish it out? A friend of mine said park officials decided to leave the helicopter in the lake. Aren’t they concerned about polluting the water?


Crater Lake 'copter won't be retrieved: Effort too risky, park officials say - January 26, 2000

The National Park Service will not require the company that owns the helicopter that crashed into Crater Lake in fall 1995 to remove the wreckage.


What turned things rotten in the woods? - October 24, 1998

Some blame a week of warm weather that left most of the sportsmen's quarry inside the boundaries of Crater Lake National Park.


Crater Lake explosives found - September 26, 1998

A contractor found 50 blasting caps just off Cleetwood Cove Trail, a popular path that leads to the boat docks at the lake.


Since you asked - December 04, 1997

About 18 months ago an experimental helicopter crashed and sank to the bottom of Crater Lake. Has the helicopter ever been retrieved? And if not, are there any plans to retrieve it and the bodies?


Dog survives 800-foot fall - June 29, 1995

A dog named Bear apparently tumbled 800 feet down a precipitous, snow-covered slope to the shore of Crater Lake without injury, and then hiked back to civilization a week later.


Bodies of B.C. couple found - April 18, 1984

A dozen people on snowshoes and skis on Tuesday recovered the bodies of a British Columbia couple who died when a small private plane crashed on a snowy hillside along the northern border of Crater Lake National Park.


Boy Dies in Crater Fall; Park Eyeing Prevention - July 5, 1977

The expected finally happened Monday at Crater Lake National Park and park officials are unsure how to help prevent a recurrence.

Crater Lake Visitors Still Feel Effects - July 24, 1973

Nearly a month after visiting Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, several Modestans still are feeling the effects of illness caused by drinking polluted water. However, no serious complications have developed.

Man Falls Into Crater Lake - March 29, 1971

A Grants Pass man walking on snow shoes got too close to the rim of Crater Lake Sunday and fell in.


Stockton Girl Falls, Dies Hiking - August 18, 1969

Crater Lake National Park, Ore. (UPI) - A 14-year-old Stockton, girl fell to her death here yesterday while hiking down Cleetwood Cove trail.


Couple Trapped Above Crater Lake - June 17, 1968

A young couple made preparations at dusk Sunday to spend a cold night precariously perched 700 feet above Crater Lake in southern Oregon.


Seattle Glider Pilot Crashes - December 15, 1967

A Seattle pilot crash-landed his glider on the east slope of Crater Lake Thursday while attempting to set a long distance soaring record from Rainier, Wash., to Mt. Shasta, Calif.


Man Hurt in Crater Lake Fall Improves - September 12, 1967

Ole Vann, injured in a 250-foot fall at Crater Lake National Park last Friday, has been moved from the intensive care unit to regular patient quarters and is in "good" condition, the Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital disclosed today.


Visitor Falls 250 Feet, Lives, By Crater Lake - September 10, 1967

A sightseer plunged nearly 250 feet down a precipice above Annie Creek Canyon in Crater Lake National Park Friday.


Autopsy Has No Signs of Violence - July 2, 1967

An autopsy has found no signs of violence on the body of a woman found in a forest south of Crater Lake National Park.


Oregon Bears Claw Fresnan, Oaklander - August 28, 1960

Two Californians were treated for face injuries Wednesday after brief encounters with hungry bears at Mazama campsite in Crater Lake National Park.


Fresno Teacher is Slashed by Crater Lake Park Bear - August 24, 1960

Robert W. Young, 33, a sixth grade teacher in the Teilman School, was slashed over the left eye early today by a bear which entered his tent at Crater Lake National Park.


Saved From Cliff - August 19, 1940

Three 17-year-old southern California youths were rescued late last night after being marooned 22 hours on the almost sheer face of Mount Garfield


Forest Ranger Dies in Woods - November 18, 1930

William C. Godfrey, chief forest ranger in the Crater Lake National Park, was reported to have died last night of exhaustion after battling on foot through Forty-four inches of snow from Fort Klamath, on his way to government camp.








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