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Park Management

Crater Lake Wilderness: Oregon's 'best idea' needs protection - October 17, 2009

During the first week of October, the nation was captivated by Ken Burns' most recent examination of American history and culture. His series, "The National Parks: America's Best Idea," is a powerful chronicle of our unique national legacy of protecting our most precious landscapes...

Prescribed burn postponed at Crater Lake: Park Service to wait until forecasts are more favorable - October 9, 2009

A prescribed burn planned at Crater Lake National Park this week has been postponed because of unfavorable wind and smoke forecasts.

Prescribed burns set for next few months - October 9, 2009

Federal agencies plan to burn more than 14,500 acres of forestlands this fall and spring, most of it in Jackson and Josephine counties.

Wilderness proposed at Crater Lake - August 07, 2009

Several environmental groups are proposing a new wilderness area blanketing Crater Lake National Park and stretching some 75 miles from Crescent Lake south to Highway 140 at Fish Lake.

Oregon Wild warns legal action on Crater Lake helicopters - August 6, 2009

Oregon Wild, Umpqua Watersheds and the Crater Lake Institute, today sent a letter to the National Park Service and the Federal Aviation Administration advising them that allowing noisy helicopter tours of Crater Lake National Park could be illegal.

Senator Wyden issues statement condemning Crater Lake National park helicopter tours - July 27, 2009

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) released the following statement today after meeting with the nominee for the position of Director of the National Park Service, Jonathan Jarvis.

A promise fulfilled on roadless forests - May 28, 2009

On the campaign trail in Oregon last year, Barack Obama left little doubt that he would vigorously support federal protection for millions of roadless acres in America's national forests.

Oregon law could nix proposed water agreement - March 5, 2008

State lawmakers from Klamath Falls said Oregon Water Resources Department staff violated state law by participating in closed-door meetings with the Klamath Tribes during two-and-a-half years of settlement talks.


Crater Lake contaminated, new study suggests - February 28, 2008

Crater Lake, Mount Rainier and Olympic national parks are among wilderness areas in the Western U.S. in which scientists have found evidence of airborne contamination, including mercury, agricultural pesticides and banned substances such as DDT.


Airborne Contaminants Found in Western U.S. and Alaskan National Parks - February 28, 2008

The Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project (WACAP) was initiated to determine the risk from airborne contaminants to ecosystems and food webs in eight core national parks.


Airborne Contaminants Study Released Measurable Levels Detected in Twenty Western U.S. and Alaska National Parks - February 26th, 2008

According to a study released by the Western Airborne Contaminants Assessment Project (WACAP), numerous airborne contaminants, including heavy metals and both current-use and North American historic-use pesticides, have been detected at measurable levels in ecosystems at twenty western U.S. and Alaska national parks from the Arctic to the Mexican border.


Delegation Supporting Visitor Center at Crater Lake - November 11, 2007

Members of Oregon's congressional delegation are supporting efforts aimed at building the first-ever visitor center at Crater Lake, the county's sixth oldest national park.


Walden, DeFazio Voice Support - November 11, 2007

Oregon Congressional delegation members outlined their support for $2.5 million in federal money to help build a Crater Lake National Park visitor center.


Unanimous Oregon Delegation Requests $2.5 Million for Crater Lake Visitor CenterOctober 31, 2007

A Oregon Congressional delegation sent a letter to Jim Nussle, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, calling on the Bush administration to include $2.5 million in the Interior Dept. budget for a new Visitor Education Center at Crater Lake National Park.


Pine Beetles Infest Crater Lake Rim - August 11, 2007

Global warming is the prime suspect in a mountain pine beetle infestation that is killing the whitebark pine trees on the rim of Crater Lake.


Thinning to Cause Delays - July 19, 2007

A thinning project designed to maintain large legacy trees and remove dead hazard trees will cause traffic delays for the next month on Highway 62, which provides access to Crater Lake National Park from the southwest.


Blue-green algae detected at Lemolo Lake - June 26, 2007

A health advisory was issued today for Lemolo Lake, about 60 miles east of Roseburg, because high levels of blue-green algae have been detected.


National Park Service Listening Session: Gatlinburg, Tennessee - March 14, 2007

I attended yesterday's NPS first "listening session" on the National Park Centennial Initiative in preparation for the 2016 NPS centennial. The meeting was held at the Mills Auditorium near the Gatlinburg Convention Center in Gatlinburg, TN.

Note: Owen is one of our (Crater Lake Institute) board members. Please read our oped concerning the proposed budget that would fund this NP Centennial Initiative. Also, you can visit the NPS website for more information on the Centennial Initiative.


National parks budget mostly a shell game - March 2, 2007

Of the proposed $230 million "increase" in park operations, $211 million is actually at the expense of other national park programs. The old shell game is done today with a spreadsheet. A closer look shows that maintenance and construction, historic preservation, state assistance and land acquisition will be reduced; the budget moves money around rather than increasing overall benefits.


New 'America the Beautiful' pass stirs controversy - February 23, 2007

I’m starting to get afraid of getting a ticket one of these days for not being able to see out my windshield.


DeFazio wants Interior to rethink Crater Lake fee hike - January 3, 2007

In a letter sent Tuesday to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, DeFazio, a Springfield Democrat, said he was opposed to the proposal...


DeFazio Urges Interior to Reconsider Hike in Park Fees - January 2, 2007

U.S. Congressman Peter DeFazio sent a letter last week to the Secretary of the Interior urging him to strongly reconsider a proposal that would increase fees at Crater Lake National Park and Lava Beds National Monument...


DeFazio against parks fee increase - January 2, 2007

DeFazio,D-4th District, said today he was trying to get the Park Service to drop its proposal. He made the statement in a press release from his Washington office...

‘The Good Fire' - September 25, 2006

The German couple stood at Union Peak overlook on Rim Drive and watched a plume of smoke rising miles off to the west.

Bill would boost size of Upper Klamath Refuge - July 10, 2006

A $2.5-million funding package earmarked for wetlands and water storage on the Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge is working its way through Congress.


Lack of cash strains national parks - June 24, 2006

Visitors to the national parks go for the natural beauty, but this summer they'll also see crumbling roads, fewer rangers and the grime of long-term neglect.


Under proposal, Crater Lake entry fees would double - December 22, 2006

Under the proposal from the Federal Lands Recreation Enactment Act, entrance fees at Crater Lake would double from $10 to $20 in January 2008...


Big fee hikes at national parks are a bit too big - December 21, 2006

There is a public purpose, though, in encouraging people to go to national parks, and they have already paid something toward entry fees through taxes...


Proposal would increase Crater Lake fees - December 18, 2006

The National Park Service has proposed doubling entrance fees to Crater Lake National Park. That would mean the current $10 seven-day entrance pass, which allows a private vehicle and its passengers to access the park, would jump to $20...


Pine Beetles Can Set Stage for Disastrous Forest Fires - November 6, 2006

The beetles apparently are on the march again, going after the lodgepole pine and other tree species in central Oregon.


Scientist to lecture about pines threatened by rust - August 27, 2006

If you've ever admired the regal whitebark pines on the rim of Crater Lake or other high-elevation pines, you may want to spend this evening with Diana Tomback.


Latest park proposal still worries some - October 20, 2005
A second draft of proposed revisions to national park management policies released Tuesday dropped language that could have opened national parks to cell phone towers, snowmobiles and private watercraft.

Scientists gather to save pines - October 09, 2005

Whitebark pines, the slow-growing, usually wind-twisted trees found at heavily visited areas of Crater Lake National Park, are often admired for their beauty and their ability to survive in high, harsh climates.

Prescribed burns planned at Crater Lake - October 4, 2005

Recent snow and rain at Crater Lake National Park means that several prescribed burns will be done in the coming weeks.


Crater Lake pines in peril - October 01, 2005

But whitebark pines at Crater Lake, and throughout high elevation, sub-alpine reaches of the American West, are dying at an alarming rate from blister rust, an exotic pine disease. Because blister rust is non-native, trees have very little resistance.

Editorial: Don't let parks become political battleground - September 15, 2005

Oregon has only one national park and it's natural that Oregonians feel proud and protective of it. The state had enough feeling about Crater Lake National Park to put it on the Oregon quarter and on special license plates.


Proposal: Parks need an update - September 6, 2005

A set of proposed revisions to national park policy could open Crater Lake and other national parks to cell-phone towers, snowmobiles and private water craft.


Since you asked: It would take centuries to drink up Crater Lake - May 6, 2005

My daughter would like to know, in case the city of Medford ran out of water from other sources, how long it would take to drink and use all of the water in Crater Lake.


Crater Lake to get funds - November 22, 2004

After decades of persistent lobbying and postponed promises, plans to relocate the large parking lot at the rim of Crater Lake are ready to move ahead.

Editorial: Should this be a first 'view' of Crater Lake? - July 1, 2004

Plans to return Crater Lake to the people aren't some politician's pipe dream, nor were they born yesterday. Yet the House Interior Appropriations Committee has just removed $8.74 million from next year's budget for a key part of those plans.

Crater Lake historic home to be restored - December 10, 2003

Plans to rehabilitate the superintendent's residence at Crater Lake -- part of a series of restoration projects in the Munson Valley Historic District -- are now available for public review.


Park officials seek public comments about plan to rehabilitate superintendent's house - December 01, 2003

Public comments on a plan to rehabilitate the historic superintendent's house at Crater Lake National Park are being requested by the National Park Service.

Project aims to keep Crater Lake black bears wild - August 18, 2003

Friends of Crater Lake National Park will make improvements aimed at making a park campground less bear-friendly this weekend.

Comments sought for Rim Village project - May 25, 2003

Public comments are wanted on the environmental effects of rehabilitating the cafeteria building and relocating parking at Crater Lake National Park's Rim Village.


Plan: Relocate rim parking: Rim Village parking may leave Crater Lake's edge - November 22, 2002

Chuck Lundy, Crater Lake National Park's superintendent, said it's hoped the parking lot relocation and rehabilitation of the cafeteria and gift shop will begin in 2004. Estimated cost of the project is $7.2 million.


Keep Rim Drive open - all of the way - July 31, 2002

When it comes to historic structures, Crater Lake's Rim Drive ranks with some of the best. True, we don't often think of roads as structures, but they are, and they are some of the most important.


Park plan looks at snipping Rim Road - July 05, 2002

Significant changes, including closure of a large segment of Rim Drive to motorists, are being considered as a new management plan is developed for Crater Lake National Park.

Controlled burns set for Monday at Crater Lake - June 15, 2002

About 32 acres will be burned over a two- to four-day period in the ponderosa pine/mixed conifer forest in the southwest corner of the park.

Ideas sought on Crater Lake Plan - April 04, 2001

The National Park Service is looking for input on how Crater Lake National Park should be managed for the next several years.


Crater Lake's future to get a management plan - January 22, 2001

They lack a crystal ball, but managers at Crater Lake National Park hope to envision and shape the park's future for the next 10 to 15 years.

Crater Lake's future to get a management plan - January 21, 2001

They lack a crystal ball, but managers at Crater Lake National Park hope to envision and shape the park's future for the next 10 to 15 years.

Comments sought on proposed Crater Lake snowmobile rules - December 22, 2000

Public comment will be taken on a proposal to eliminate snowmobiling at Crater Lake National Park, although the Bush administration will probably have the choice of not enacting the prohibitions.


Changes in rules coming for park: snowmobiles may be banned at Crater Lake - December 18, 2000

A rule change that would eliminate snowmobiling in Crater Lake National Park, already limited to an eight-mile stretch along the North Entrance Road, is expected to be announced in mid-January.


Details of proposed national monument are outlined - December 11, 2000

A proposal for a national monument near Diamond Lake would protect 206,600 acres of land on the Umpqua and Rogue River national forests, including 8,353-foot high Mount Bailey, the centerpiece of the proposal.

Details of proposed national monument are outlined - December 10, 2000

A proposal for a national monument near Diamond Lake would protect 206,600 acres of land on the Umpqua and Rogue River national forests, including 8,353-foot high Mount Bailey, the centerpiece of the proposal.

Time to rectify: I-5/Highway 62 proposal forced by poor planning in the past - July 28, 2000

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the traffic mess at the Interstate 5/Highway 62 interchange at Medford’s north end is bad enough that fixing it will require destruction of at least three major businesses, loss of direct access to 62 for others, and a bill totaling millions of dollars.


Businesses could fall if freeway exit is realigned: Fixup of Highway 62 depends on I-5 changes - July 25, 2000

Three businesses will be bulldozed and others will lose their access to Highway 62 if the Oregon Department of Transportation’s proposed realignment of the north Medford Interstate 5 interchange is approved.


Crater Lake likely to ban snowmobiles: Feds prohibit vehicles in national parks - April 28, 2000

The door hasn't slammed shut just yet, but it appears to be closing on snowmobilers riding into Crater Lake National Park.


Spending bill includes work at Crater Lake - November 20, 1999

The spending bill approved Thursday by the U.S. House of Representatives includes more than $45 million for Oregon projects, including restoration work at Crater Lake.


Highway 62 traffic plans on fast track: alternatives considered for heavily congested road - September 19, 1999

A plan to relieve traffic on Highway 62 will start rolling this week when its concepts are put to computer testing.


Crater Lake might make fire a tool: comments sought on plan - May 5, 1999

After some 60 years of battling wildfires, the National Park Service is slowly turning its fiery nemesis into an ally.


Crater Lake officials have plan to improve the park's ambience - August 8th, 1998

The managers of Oregon's only national park want visitors to get a better first impression of Crater Lake. And they think a plan to tear out a big parking lot and rehabilitate several of the park's oldest buildings will give people something to rave about.


Don't fish in Crater - February 13, 1998

Calling fishing a "violent process" inharmonious with Crater Lake, the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked the park to ban fishing within its boundaries.

Wolverine plan threatens Pelican Butte ski project - September 29, 1998

A war over wolverines is shaping up in the high Cascades, with environmentalists seeking a 330,000-acre refuge for the elusive predator that includes land scheduled for logging and resort development.


'Leisurely' viewing envisioned at rim - December 10, 1997

The Crater Lake rim area will lose some of its commercial look in favor of a distinctly 1930s appeal in time for the 21st century under a $15 million proposal to make Oregon's only national park more visitor-friendly.

Restoring Bull Trout at Crater Lake - Fall 1996

Within the park, bull trout abundance has been reduced to between 100 and 300 adults; their distribution has been restricted to a 1.9-km reach along Sun Creek. Last year, a generous grant from Target Stores supported bull trout research and management, which led to improved management techniques.

Bark Beetle Given Historic Treatment - Winter 1991

A fascinating historical account of the combined efforts of three government agencies to eradicate the mountain pine beetle in one particular area is contained in the recent publication, The Battle Against Bark Beetles in Crater Lake National Park:1925-34, by Boyd E. Wickman.

Peregrine Rescue Efforts Continue at Crater Lake - Winter 1991

The peregrine falcon is on the brink of non-existence in Oregon. In the 1930s there were 39 known active peregrine nests; today there is only one, at Crater Lake National Park. The pair of birds that use this site have had only marginal reproductive success the last few years.

Hacking Runs Gamut of Peregrine Perils - Winter 1991

A cooperative effort by the Park, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), and the Predatory Bird Research Group (PBRG) of Santa Cruz, Calif., established a site observer in March at a station near the historic aerie.

Crater Lake drilling stirs controversy - July 28, 1984

A revised environmental impact assessment due next month could lead to round-the-clock drilling next to Crater Lake National Park in a search for geothermal energy

Crater Lake Peregrines Story in NPS Courier - Winter 1982

The story of the daring and successful transplant of two fledgling peregrine falcons at a Crater Lake NP nest site in 1981, complete with details about the removal of three eggs and subsequent hatching of two, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Predatory Bard Research Group laboratory, is came in the February issue of the NPS Courier Supt.

Crater Lake Water Level "Down', But Concern Is Slight - March 14, 1977

The water level of Crater Lake has dropped slightly because of the drought but National Park Service officials aren't worried.


Anti-mining bill passes - February 5, 1976

Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore., said a bill approved by the Senate Wednesday would close a loophole that would allow mining within Crater Lake National Park and five other areas of the National Park System.


Crater Money Sought - January 22, 1976

The new director of the Pacific Northwest Region of the National Park Service will attempt to get some additional money for Crater Lake National Park this summer.


Crater Lake Funds - January 17, 1969

Crater Lake National Park in Oregon is included in the President's budget for $256,000. It is one of 12 national parks listed for money for buildings, utilities and other facilities.

Bills for Damage Are Introduced: Lassen Blast - February 27, 1943

Two bills which would pay damages caused by an explosion in a house at Lassen volcanic national park reversal years ago were passed by the house of representatives at Washington Thursday and now to to the senate.

Hunters Asked to Spare Bears - November 17, 1935

Crater Lake National Park, Ore.--An appeal is made to Southern Oregon bear hunters not to kill Crater Lake Park bears, which have migrated from the park area to lower levels.

Crater Lake Travel Increases Daily - September, 1929

Since the opening of the route to the rim of Crater Lake on June 22, the number of Summer vacationists has daily increased until travel roads show an increase of five hundred people over last year....


Big Increase in Visitors Shown By Crater Lake - July 25, 1926

The growing popularity of Crater Lake National Park is reflected in the figures showing the heavy travel which has already set in to Oregon's national playground....


No Fish in Crater Lake, Oregon - September 17, 1897

There are no fish in Crater lake, Or., the deepest fresh water lake in the world, and the Government has decided to stock it with trout....

Passage of Senator Dolph's Crater Lake Bill - March 23, 1888

The passage of Senator Dolph's bill granting Oregon five townships in Oregon, including the famous Crater Lake, for a public park, is a subject for congratulation.

Senator Dolph Presented Crater Lake Bill - February 3, 1888

Senator Dolph has presented a bill, the provisions of which donates the land around Crater Lake, Oregon, to the State for a public park.










Can bicycling be Oregon's Maine event? - June 16, 2006

Suddenly Oregon seems serious about branding itself as "the bicycle state." State government is gearing up to hire a "bicycle concierge" to serve tourists on two wheels.


Oregon Governor just another tourist - August 26, 2005

When Gov. Ted Kulongoski took a boat tour of Crater Lake Wednesday afternoon, he was just another tourist.


Officials unveil plan of action for tourism - April 27, 2005

Whether you're from Klamath County, somewhere else in Oregon, New York, or even Germany, Japan, Mexico or Italy, Todd Davidson says the blitz to lure visitors is on.


Crater Lake holds status as area's primary tourist draw - September 13, 2004

Crater Lake remains the main reason people visit the Klamath Basin, but increasing numbers of tourists from around the nation, and even the world, are checking out real estate, taking rides on the Klamath Belle and seeing the sights.

Governor appoints former KF woman to state travel council - October 19, 2003

Christina Lilienthal, a former Klamath Falls resident, has been appointed by Gov. Ted Kulongoski to the Oregon Travel Information Council.


Norton cancels Crater Lake visit - September 17, 2003

Interior Secretary Gale Norton has canceled plans to visit Crater Lake National Park this week because she is instead attending a special meeting in Washington, D.C.


Look at the local top 10 attractions first - May 12, 2003

So, what about Klamath Basin top 10 recreation destinations? It is a list that changes, partly based on the season.


Fee collection starts Saturday: unpredictable weather opens Crater Lake's busy season - April 24, 2003

Heavy snows have soaked the park in recent weeks. Snow that fell overnight and early today pushed the on-ground total back above 100 inches. And, even though the weather is better for cross country skiing than sightseeing, entrance fees will be collected at the park's south entrance station beginning Saturday.


Local pair to help promote the Volcanic, All American Scenic road - February 03, 2003

Two Klamath County people will join a two-state board to promote the Volcanic Legacy Scenic By-Way All American Road.


National Park Service leader pays return visit to Crater Lake - August 23, 2002

"Look at where I am today," crowed Mainella, the National Park Service's 16th director, Thursday at Crater Lake National Park.


Bush to visit Oregon, not Crater Lake - August 06, 2002

President Bush plans to visit Oregon this month, but the White House has ruled out a proposed visit to Crater Lake National Park for its 100th birthday.


Park fee increases pay off: more visitors at higher price - December 04, 1998

Increased fees to national parks and other federal recreation areas under a five-year experimental program have almost doubled revenues without discouraging visits, a government study concludes.


Sunny days translate to good days for tourism - July 16, 1998

After an abnormally wet spring, Southern Oregon businesses that rely on tourism are basking in the summer sun.


Campsites going fast: Mild weather on tap for 4th - July, 1998

Campgrounds were filling fast on Wednesday as Southern Oregon prepared to celebrate the July 4 holiday. Vacant space was expected to disappear at most campgrounds by late today because many businesses have given their employees a Friday holiday to compensate for July 4 falling on Saturday.


Area tourist industry rebounds: recreational activities lead the list of high visitor volume - September 10, 1997

Visitor industries are reporting gains of 5 to 13 percent from last summer's activity, says Patti Bills, director of the Medford Visitors & Convention Bureau.


Campers may find more than just serenity - June 25, 1997

For campers in search of a little peace and quiet in the great Southern Oregon outdoors, the biggest threat to their plans in area campgrounds is rowdy neighbors.


Visitor Total Nears Record - January 12, 1969

Supt. Donald M. Spalding says Crater Lake National Park had its second highest visitation on record during 1968.


Entrance Fee Cut to Crater Lake Park - March 13, 1926

The entrance fee to Crater Lake National Park has been reduced from ?2.50 to $1 per automobile, according to word received here from Washington, D. C.

Big increase in visitors shown by Crater Lake - July 25, 1926

The growing popularity of Crater Lake National Park is reflected in the figures showing the heavy travel which has already set in to Oregon's national campground.

Auto travel in Crater Lake Park breaks records: Figures issued by U. S. Officials show great increase of visitors - October 26, 1924

Complete data just compiled at headquarters in Crater Lake National Park shows that travel again shattered all previous records. Up to the evening of September 30 64,312 visitors entered the gates, as against 52,017 for the preceding year, an increase of over 23 1/2 percent.

Most Visitors To Crater Lake Park Travel in Autos - July 19, 1924

Up to the evening of July 6th a total of 4,941 cars and 14,942 visitors entered Crater Lake National Park. Thus at the end of the first week of the official season nearly as many visitors entered as during the entire season of 1923, when a total of 33,011 visitors registered.


Tourist Movement To National Parks - July 11, 1924

The national parks throughout the country are being visited by unprecedented numbers of sightseers, some of whom travel from coast to coast by automobile to get a glimpse of the natural scenic wonders of the great open spaces of the west


Heavy Touring Season Begins at Crater Lake - July 5, 1924

Work on Roads Made Possible Through Recent Snow; Are in Good Shape Now


County claims Crater Lake - October 16, 2003

And now it's official, since Klamath County on Wednesday adopted the slogan "Home of Crater Lake."












Crater Lake boat tours to resume - August 13, 2008

Boat tours at Crater Lake National Park will resume today. A park spokesman said the tours were canceled from Friday through Tuesday because of damage to a dock at Cleetwood Cove, where the trips originate. Damage was caused by a windstorm.

Crater Lake vendor gets serious about recycling - November 12, 2003

Items that once found their way to garbage cans are finding their way to recycling bins as part of an expanding conservation effort by Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Crater Lake National Park's concessionaire.


New composite tour boats airlifted into Crater Lake - October 2003

When three new composite tour boats, built by Modutech Marine (Tacoma, Wash., U.S.A.), were delivered to Oregon's famed Crater Lake in July, the means used to move the custom-built 15,000-lb, 48-passenger craft to the road-inaccessible lake - situated in the crater of extinct volcano Mt. Mazama - were as unique as the boats themselves.


Crater Lake boats refloated: builder modifies engines - August 25, 2003

The popular scenic boat tours on Crater Lake were stymied this summer, but they were back in business Sunday as new, retooled boats began operating.


Boats land in Crater Lake: new boats to start service on Sunday - July 23, 2003

Four 1960s-era tour boats named after people who figured prominently in the history of concession operations at Crater Lake National Park were flown out of the lake Tuesday and replaced by a trio of new-generation vessels named for Southern Oregon rivers.


New fleet for Crater Lake - July 07, 2003

A new generation of tour boats, which park officials say will be cleaner, quieter and more fuel-efficient, are scheduled to be flown by helicopter to Wizard Island on July 22 and, if all goes well, begin carrying visitors around the lake July 26.


Cafe at Crater Lake to reopen - April 26, 2002

Visitors to Crater Lake National Park who have been hungering for a bowl of chili or gift shop souvenirs should keep the checkbooks handy.

Park Service names new concession official - April 13, 2002

Michael Justin, the former general manager of the Running Y Ranch Resort and member of the Oregon Tourism Commission, began work Tuesday as the management assistant-concession chief at Crater Lake National Park.


Xanterra Parks & Resorts Receives Contract to Manage Concessions at Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon - April 5, 2002

Xanterra Parks & Resorts, the country's largest operator of national and state parks and resorts, has been awarded the 15-year contract to manage lodging, boating, food service, campgrounds, gasoline station and gift shops at Crater Lake National Park.

Crater Lake concession awarded to Amfac - January 30, 2002

Amfac Recreational Services, which provides concession services at several major national parks, has been awarded the concession contract at Crater Lake National Park.

Decision on Crater Lake concessionaire delayed - December 24, 2001

A decision on a new concessionaire for Crater Lake National Park has been delayed until mid to late January. It was supposed to have been made by now.

Four firms seek Crater Lake Park's concession contract - October 31, 2001

Four companies have submitted detailed offers for taking over concession operations at Crater Lake National Park.

Snow postpones Crater boat tours - 1998

Boat tours, interpretive hikes and children's programs are among the regular seasonal offerings at Crater Lake National Park this summer.

Crater Lake tour boats start season today - June 28, 1997

Park rangers will lead interpretive boat tours daily for the balance of the summer. The two-hour trips take visitors around the perimeter of the lake.


Crater Lake Lodge dining room captures vintage experience - August 7, 1995

Operators of the dining room at the newly reopened Crater Lake Lodge are striving to make dining as much of a peak experience as viewing the country's deepest and perhaps most awe-inspiring lake.


Washington Miss Rules At Crater Lake Pageant - July 24, 1968

Mary McIntosh from Mt. Vernon, Wash., was crowned Miss Crater Lake 1968 Sunday night at the Crater Lake Lodge. The sixth annual Miss Crater Lake Pageant was planned and staged by the 126 students working at the world-famous tourist attraction.


$2 Million Crater Lake Lodge Expansion Revealed - January 12, 1968

A new 30-year contract and a building program totaling nearly $2 million has been announced by Ralph Peyton and J M. Griffin, owners of Crater Lake Lodge.


Crater Lake Popular Working Place in Summer With College Set - July 12, 1967

Working at Crater Lake National Park Is a little like college without the book work.


'Miss Crater Lake' Pageant Prepared By Lodge Staffers - July 11, 1967

The pageant, entirely planned and executed by young people who work at Crater Lake Lodge during the summer, will be held in the lobby of the lodge with the coronation slated at 9 p.m.

Adequate Accommodations in Oregon's Famous Nat'l Park - July 28, 1935

The great azure lake in the heart of the Phantom Island in the center, is luring more visitors this year than for many years past, according to word received from the superintendent of Crater Lake National Park, located in Southern Oregon.










Teachers wanted for outdoor science school workshop - July 26, 2005

The Klamath Outdoor Science School will hold a workshop for educators on August 23 to show them what the new school has to offer. The school now has a site and temporary tents to stay in, but it needs teachers interested in taking their classes there come spring.


Wintery classroom at Crater Lake National Park - April 25, 2005

The two were among a parade of Ferguson Elementary School fifth graders trailing single-file behind Karen Kanes, a Crater Lake National Park ranger who, like a snowshoed Pied Piper, was leading them through tall spiring pines and hemlocks.

Courses set on Karuks, bats, Crater Lake biology - March 21, 2005

People wanting to learn more about Crater Lake National Park's biology, Lava Beds National Monument's bats and the Klamath River's Karuk people will have their chance this summer.


A teacher takes lesson out of doors in celebrating woods of Jacksonville - February 7, 2005

As Larry Smith discusses his twin passions — teaching kids and preserving Jacksonville’s woodlands — his eyes reflect both soft sentiment and steely determination


Geologist's talk rebuilds mountain: Charles Bacon explains how eruption created Crater Lake - August 25, 2004

Mount Mazama, the mountain that rose about 12,000 feet above sea level before a series of climatic eruptions 7,700 years ago created the caldera known as Crater Lake, was resurrected by Charles "Charlie" Bacon, a U.S. Geologic Survey volcanologist.

Crater Lake's summer program cut - June 29, 2004

Ranger-led programs, a summer tradition at Crater Lake National Park, are increasingly becoming a version of "Where's Waldo?"


Pied Piper of Astronomy's to present program: John Dobson to be honored by Crater Lake Institute for public service - July 15, 2004

John Dobson, who's been called the "Pied Piper of Astronomy," "Star Monk" and the "MacGyver of Astronomy," will received the 2004 Crater Lake Institute Award for Excellence in Public Service.


Dedication of Future Science & Learning Center - August 22, 2002

National Park Service representatives, educators and scientists will join together in a ceremony to announce and dedicate the future Crater Lake Science and Learning Center at Crater Lake National Park. The Science and Learning Center is planned as an interdisciplinary facility that will facilitate science and unite it with place-based learning and appreciation.


Park Service staff to teach students - February 16, 2001

Chiloquin Elementary School students are going to have the opportunity of receiving science-related lessons from Crater Lake National Park personnel.


Crater Lake Nature Program Set - May, 1967

Attendants at Thursday evening's meeting of the Nature Society of Klamath Region will hear a lecture - color slide program by Richard Brown, Crater Lake National Park naturalist.











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Current Conditions at Crater Lake National Park

(Image by Grovin Thewer)


Crater Lake Webcam