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Wet weather ends fire season around region - October 13, 2009

Today's rain, coupled with cooler temperatures and rain forecast for the rest of the week, will bring an end to the season effective Wednesday.

Desert Ridge Wildland Fire continues burning at Crater Lake National Park - July 21, 2009

A 180 acre wildland fire in Crater Lake National Park is closer to being contained. The fire began during a July 3rd lightning storm, is now forty percent contained and a 100 percent containment date is estimated for mid-August. The fire is located about one mile west of the Pumice Desert, Oregon.

Whitney Wildfire nears containment at Crater Lake National Park - July 21, 2009

The 92-acre Whitney Wildland Fire continues burning a half-mile West of Crater Lake National Park's North Entrance Station. The Whitney fire started on July 17th, however, it is suspected by fire officials to have been smoldering undetected for two weeks from a July 3rd lightning storm that also started the Desert Ridge Wildland Fire.

Crater Lake has 50-plus inches of snow - December 19, 2008

Snow is accumulating at Crater Lake National Park, but ranger Dave Grimes said the 50-plus inches is basically deep powder atop the surface. The park measured 22 inches of new snow Friday morning and Grimes said snow continued to fall throughout the day.

Rim Drive at Crater Lake closes for season - November 3, 2008

The North Entrance Road and Rim Drive at Crater Lake National Park are now closed for the season. However, Highway 62 through the park and the road to park headquarters and Rim Village remain open.

Crater Lake snow total back to average level - November 5, 2008

It only took one good day and night of snow to help Crater Lake National Park get back to average.

Parts of wilderness area, Crater Lake park reopen: Cooler weather, rain help firefighters control Middle Fork Fire - October 9, 2008

Areas of the Sky Lakes Wilderness and portions of Crater Lake National Park have been reopened after the Middle Fork Fire prompted closures.

Crater Lake facilities closing down: Crater Lake Lodge to close Sunday for the season - October 7, 2008

People visiting Crater Lake National Park should be prepared for winter, and reduced services. Closed facilities include the Annie Creek Restaurant and Gift Shop, Rim Visitor Center, Mazama and Lost Creek campgrounds, and the Mazama Motor Inn.

Meeting set on Middle Fork Fire - September 23, 2008

The U.S. Forest Service will host an informational meeting on the Middle Fork Fire from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday at the Community Involvement Club in Fort Klamath.

Middle Fork wildfire hits 17,869 then slows down - September 23, 2008

The Middle Fork fire burning across Sky Lakes Wilderness, Crater Lake National Park and the Fremont-Winema National Forest has slowed to a crawl.

Weather helps Royce Butte Fire - September 20, 2008

Containment of a fire that threatened areas of northern Klamath County and forced the evacuation of more than 100 homes and the closure of Highway 58 earlier this week is expected by Sunday.

Fire burns into Crater Lake: Growing Middle Fork fire spreads into remote portion of the park - September 20, 2008

A forest fire burning in the Sky Lakes Wilderness more than doubled in size and spread into a remote southwestern portion of Crater Lake National Park and areas of the Fremont-Winema National Forests.

Middle Fork blaze heads toward Crater Lake - September 19, 2008

A fire burning east of Prospect nearly doubled in size in a day and is burning into Crater Lake National Park, the Forest Service said Thursday.

Rattle Fire keeps highway 138 closed for weekend - September 12, 2008

Highway 138 will remain closed over the weekend on a four-mile stretch in the Umpqua National Forest. That includes the major route to Diamond Lake and Crater Lake.

Hiking trails closed down by wildfire - September 11, 2008

A wildland fire in the Sky Lakes Wilderness grew to about 1,800 acres Wednesday, and fire managers have closed more trails in the area around the fire.

Wildfire filling sky with smoke: Fire near Crater Lake is 1,700 acres - September 10, 2008

Smoke from a 1,700-acre fire southwest of Crater Lake filled area skies Tuesday as the Middle Fork Fire continued to burn in rugged and steep terrain, the U.S. Forest Service said in a news release.

Crater Lake; Rim Drive opens today - July 11, 2008

People wanting to drive the entire distance around Crater Lake National Park’s 33-mile-long Rim Drive can do so beginning today.

Crater Lake north entrance opened, but caution urged - June 21, 2008

The north entrance to Crater Lake National Park opened for the summer at 8 a.m. Friday. Crews finished plowing the north entrance road that provides park access off Highway 138 on Thursday, then did a safety check to scan for icy patches and falling rocks before opening the road for the summer season, park officials said.

Many Crater Lake services open, despite snow - June 10, 2008

Persistent snow means some roads and all trails are closed at Crater Lake National Park, but visitors will find many concession services open.

Highway to Crater Lake cleared, open - January 14, 2008

As of Saturday, Crater Lake National Park announced Highway 62 has been cleared of an avalanche and is open.


Where to go for Thanksgiving snow: Mount Hood, Crater Lake offer best bets - November 21, 2007

Crater Lake National Park had about a foot of snow on the ground at the park headquarters and a few inches more at the rim, said Dana Barney, a cashier who was answering phones.


Crater Rim Drive closes Friday evening - November 7, 2007

Rim Drive and the north entrance road at Crater Lake National Park will close for the season at 6 p.m, Friday.


Screaming wind downs forest trees: Crater Lake park, Prospect area hit by gusts of up to 60 mph - October 27, 2007

High winds toppled trees in the mountains around Prospect and Crater Lake National Park Friday morning, closing forest roads and even Highway 62 for a short time....


Crater Lake northern entrance opens today - May 24, 2007

Just in time for holiday travel this Memorial Day weekend, the north entrance to Crater Lake National Park marks its annual opening — extra early.


Survey says: Snow level 'nearly normal' - December 29, 2006

Up at Crater Lake National Park, the snowpack was 72 inches at park headquarters on Thursday. The average for the site, at 6,400 feet in elevation, is 62 inches for Dec. 29, according to park records...


how much snow does Crater Lake get each winter? - December 14, 2006

How much snow does Crater Lake get each winter? A friend of mine had read somewhere that it was the snowiest place in Oregon, at least in terms of where people live. Is that true?..

‘The Good Fire' - September 25, 2006

The German couple stood at Union Peak overlook on Rim Drive and watched a plume of smoke rising miles off to the west.

Bybee Complex Fires - September 14, 2006

A fire burning at Crater Lake National Park has now grown to over 28-hundred acres.


Snow job at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon - September 7, 2006

Upon arrival at Crater Lake for a remodeling project, Tom Gerding and his crew met with a daunting sight.


WebCam now available to view Crater Lake fire - September 7, 2006

There is a new tool being used to monitor fire at Crater Lake National Park on the Bybee Wildland Fire Use Complex. A webcam was recently installed at the Watchman Lookout, providing a prime view of the fire and an updated image once per hour from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. PDT.


Natural end sought for Crater Lake fire - September 06, 2006

Mother Nature remains squarely in charge of putting out the 2,100-acre Bybee Fire complex burning in a remote area of the Crater Lake National Park.


Official: Not enough firefighters to go around - September 5, 2006

Short-handed fire crews fought a blaze Tuesday that began just before Labor Day near a popular recreation area on the west side of Oregon's Cascade Range, a state official said.


Bybee Fire Complex Fact Sheet - September 2, 2006

The Bybee Fire Use Complex is being managed to allow fire to play its natural role in the ecosytem. Preservation of natural processes is a primary mission of the National Park Service.


Lightning-stoked burns still growing - August 27, 2006

While the Bybee Wildland Fire-Use Complex plays its natural role in burning vegetation to improve the ecosystem, spreading to the north and east, firefighters are managing it at its south and west borders.


Newest Puzzle Fire near Mt. Jefferson tops 4,100 Acres - August 22, 2006

Comprised of the Black Crater, Lake George, and Puzzle fires, the Cascade Crest Complex Wildland Fire has burned just short of 19,000 acres and is estimated at 30 percent containment.


Weather makes firefighters work harder - August 20, 2006

Hot, dry weather and thunderstorms predicted for the next few days will challenge firefighters battling four fires in Oregon and four in Washington,


Tourists watch fire left to burn at Crater Lake - August 7, 2006

Forest fire smoke wafts like steam over Crater Lake in the early morning and an occasional tree erupts in flame. But it’s not as ugly as it could be.


Crater Lake will help clear brush - August 1, 2006

Federal officials plan to let a small lightning-caused fire burn all summer through a remote part of Crater Lake National Park, taking advantage of the flames to clear brush and improve wildlife habitat.

Dry times ahead: Snowpack is down, and fears surface over water supply - February 1, 2001

Thick, heavy snow muffled his creaking snowshoes as Rob Allerman trudged through the forest Thursday at Crater Lake National Park.


Prescribed burns planned at Crater Lake - October 05, 2005

Recent snow and rain at Crater Lake National Park means that several prescribed burns will be done in the coming weeks.

Prescribed burns planned at Crater Lake - October 4, 2005

Recent snow and rain at Crater Lake National Park means that several prescribed burns will be done in the coming weeks.

Streamflow signs buried in the snow - February 1, 2005

Deep in the snow 50 miles north of the Klamath Reclamation Project are buried the clues as to how much water the Project will get this summer.

Falling trees do damage at Crater Lake - November 19, 2004

"I could hear the wind howling and it was pretty constant," remembers Taylor of a storm that rattled the park and toppled trees between 6 and 8 p.m. Nov. 3. "In the middle of that was one good gust that shook the house. It was kind of like the house wanted to move a quarter of an inch."


Ten small fires burn in Crater Lake park area - August 16, 2004

Firefighters have been using eco-friendly tactics to contain several small fires in remote areas of the Crater Lake National Park.


Crater Lake to reduce fire hazards - July 02, 2004

Fire management staff at Crater Lake National Park are launching a hazardous fuels reduction project on 270 acres in and around Mazama Village near the park's south entrance.


Crater Lake road ready for drivers Wednesday - June 15, 2004

The North Entrance Road at Crater Lake National Park will open to motorists noon Wednesday.


It's plow it out, lit snow, plow it out at Crater Lake - February 19, 2004

Keeping Klamath County's crown jewel accessible to the public takes a lot of work, especially when three feet of snow pile up in two days, as it did this week.


Rim Drive closes at Crater Lake - November 07, 2003

East Rim Drive was closed earlier this week. Wednesday park officials announced the closure of the North Entrance Road and Rim Drive.


East Rim at Crater closes for the winter - November 04, 2003

Park officials said the recent series of storms has created snow and icy road conditions that resulted in the usual seasonal closure.


At Crater Lake even ordinary years are pretty sensational - July 07, 2003

Chuck Lundy, Crater Lake National Park's superintendent, said the opening means park visitors "may now enjoy the spectacular views of Crater Lake from all of the many vista points along this scenic drive."


North entrance ready for travel: road to Crater Lake near Fort Klamath open to travelers - June 07, 2003

The opening means that northbound summer travelers can enter the park via the south entrance near Fort Klamath....


Crater Lake back to normal, spectacular self - May 12, 2003

Park crews try to open the section of Rim Drive between Rim Village and the North Entrance by late May or early June.


Snow closes Crater Lake's Rim Drive - November 13, 2002

The North Entrance Road and Rim Drive at Crater Lake National Park closed for the winter on Tuesday after recent storms finally brought snow and icy road conditions.


Controlled burns set for Monday at Crater Lake - June 16, 2002

About 32 acres will be burned over a two- to four-day period in the ponderosa pine/mixed conifer forest in the southwest corner of the park.


Crater Lake's north entrance open - June 05, 2002

The road allows motorists traveling along Highway 97 to enter the park through the south entrance near Fort Klamath and exit to Diamond Lake and Chemult without having to backtrack.


Going postal for Crater Lake - January 13, 2002


6,500 feet up and 16 feet deep: when you work at Crater Lake, the snowfall comes with the territory - December 20, 2001

Steve Mark suggests that all new National Park Service employees facing their first winter at Crater Lake be required to watch "The Shining."

An island in the sky - December 18, 2001

Return with us now to the days of yesteryear, when 'relentless weather' so often made Crater Lake 'an island in the sky'


Forest agencies plan underburns - October 25, 2001

Fire season may not be over yet, but don't expect fire engines to chase every plume of smoke rising in the local forests this fall.


Crews work to snuff 100+ fires - September 19, 2001

Seven small lightning-sparked fires are being allowed to burn themselves out under the watchful eyes of fire officials in the Crater Lake National Park.


Firefighters mop up blazes from thunderstorm - September 18, 2001

Scores of firefighters on Monday attacked dozens of the nearly 100 small wildfires left from a weekend thunderstorm that generated more than 7,000 lightning strikes in Southern Oregon.


Remote blazes pose challenge for firefighters - July 16, 2001

Lightning strikes ignited 10 small fires in Crater Lake National Park recently, but the remoteness of some is making it difficult for crews to put them out.


Crater Lake National Park sets north entrance opening date - April 12, 2001

Unusually low snow at Crater Lake National Park means that the park can schedule dates when it plans to open roads normally buried by deep snow.


Cold air heralds arrival of weekend - September 01, 2000

Unseasonably cool temperatures were expected to hit Southern Oregon today, and rain showers could dampen campers and picnickers Saturday and Sunday.


Officials wait for chance to burn: weather conditions delay monitored procedures - October 16, 1999

Fire crews at Crater Lake National Park are scanning the horizon for signs of coming wet weather to end the continued high fire danger.


A mountain transformed into a winter playground: lured by chairlifts and a striking lodge, skiers flock to Mount Ashland - September 30, 1999

The Mount Ashland Ski Area offered Rogue Valley skiers a convenient place to enjoy a sport that was gaining popularity across the United States in the 1960s. Rope tows hauled skiers to the top of the hills, sparing them the arduous work of climbing for each run.


Crater Lake park undertakes planned burning of 415 acres - September 28, 1999

More than 400 acres soon will burst into flames at Crater Lake National Park, and firefighters don't plan to do much about it.


Snow falls at Crater Lake, Mount Ashland - August 31, 1999

The calendar says it's still summer, but Monday's weather in parts of Southern Oregon suggested that it's really winter.

Controlled burns set for Monday at Crater Lake - June 15, 2002

About 32 acres will be burned over a two- to four-day period in the ponderosa pine/mixed conifer forest in the southwest corner of the park.

Park workers push to clear roads: Rim Drive has four miles open - May 26, 1999

The foreman of the Crater Lake National Park road crew who is skinning a D-7H Caterpillar -- a growling mechanical tabby weighing some 55,000 pounds -- is using every trick he knows to stay atop the slippery mountains of snow blocking the park's rim roads this year.


Snow buries Crater park: late opening likely because of depth - March 04, 1999

Ongoing snow storms have buried buildings at Crater Lake National Park, likely delaying the opening of park facilities this spring and summer.


More snow: South Oregon receives another weather pasting - February 09, 1999

Snow was accumulating in the mountains Monday night and falling, but not sticking on the Rogue Valley floor as of 11 p.m.


Have umbrella near this winter: forecasters say La Nina will bring wetter weather - October 20, 1998

Weather forecasters ranging from the Oregon Climate Service to "The Old Farmer's Almanac" predict a very wet winter for the Northwest, citing a periodic weather phenomenon known as La Nina. Its last visit, caused by cooling water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, delivered 1997's New Year's Day flood.


No shortage of snow: Shasta Ski Park crews keep busy - March 2, 1998

Storms rolled across Northern California one after another in January and February, burying the Mount Shasta Ski Park in 15 to 20 feet of snow.


Warning: Beware of avalanche - February 4, 1998

Stiff winds and unseasonably heavy snows have triggered avalanche warnings for Southern Oregon's back woods.


Chilly storm delivers snow to higher areas - October 10, 1997

A cool, early-season storm dumped as much as two inches of rain on much of the Rogue Valley Wednesday, and lingering snow showers could make for hazardous driving in mountain passes today.


Fire scorches acre of Wizard Island - July 23, 1997

The fire started late Monday morning and smoldered through Tuesday afternoon. It blackened manzanita brush, grass and four trees in steep terrain on the 600-acre island.


Crater Lake Entrance Closed - October 25, 1970

Visitors to Crater Lake National Park can enter only through the south entrance, park officials said Friday.

Roads to Crater Lake are Open - November 15, 1965??

The south and west entrance roads to Crater Lake from Klamath Falls and from Medford, will be kept open throughout the Winter, according to information received by the National Automobile Club from David Canfield, superintendent of Crater Lake National Park.

Ski Areas Are Keeping Open - November 17, 1946

The national park service closed the door Saturday against winter use of Yellowstone, Glacier and Teton parks, but promised snow sports on a prewar basis in half a dozen other areas.


Snow Falls on Southern Oregon - September 22, 1945

Unexpected snow over southern Oregon mountains closed part of Crater Lake National Park today, halted filming of a motion picture, and trapped a woman and three children in a snowdrift.

Crater Lake Lodge Opens Wednesday - June 5, 1938

Of interest to the many motorists who are planning their Summer vacations in the Northwest, the opening of Crater Lake Lodge, situated in the colorful Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon, is scheduled June 8, according to advice received June 8, according to advice received by P. E. Allan, domestic sales manager of Tidewater Associated Oil Company, Associated Division.


Roads to Crater Lake Area Open - November 25, 1935

The south and west entrance roads to Crater Lake from Klamath Falls and from Medford, will be kept open throughout the Winter, according to information received by the National Automobile Club from David Canfield, superintendent of Crater Lake National Park.


Crater Lake Road Open - July 3, 1929

Roads in Crater Lake National Park are now open to the rim of the Crater, reports the California State Automobile Association, but the road around the rim will not be open for some time yet.

Highway Closed to Crater Lake by Early Snows - November 22, 1925

After one of the most gorgeous Octobers that ever blessed Oregon, the snow finally closed Crater Lake National Park on November 3. The park now rests under its white winter mantle and travel is definitely suspended.

Snow at Crater Lake - February 4, 1921

The depth of snow at Crater Lake rim is 11 feet and at a camp five miles lower down is 10 feet, according to word received by Superintendent Alex Sparrow of Crater Lake National Park


More Troops Will Fight Forest Fires - August 20, 1910

Five Hundred Men Called from American Lake to Southern Oregon -- Many Lives Are in Danger, The soldiers will be divided between the fires now ravaging the Crater lake national forest


August Snow at Crater Lake - August 29, 1882

There was on August 1st ten feet of snow at Crater Lake, Oregon.






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