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Explorers, Discoverers and Founders

John W. Hillman

John Hillman, Henry Klippel, and Isaac Skeeters, were in search of the legendary "Lost Cabin" gold mine when they were the first to see Crater Lake in 1853.

Peter Skene Ogden

John C. Fremont

In the spring of 1846 John C. Fremont came through the Crater Lake area on his third official exploring expedition to the West and camped on the west edge of Klamath Lake.

Capt. Franklin B. Sprague

Captain F. B. Sprague suggested the name "Lake Majesty."

Chauncey Nye

Chauncey Nye "re-discovered" Crater Lake while leading a mining party in 1862.

Isaac G. Skeeters

A member of John Hillman's mining party who suggested that Crater Lake be named, Deep Blue Lake.

Peter Skene Ogden

In 1827 Peter Skene Ogden, head of the Hudson's Bay Company brigades combing the Snake River country, led a trapping and exploring expedition to the area that sought furs and also the location of a large river rumored to have been found there. They reached Klamath Lake in 1826.





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