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Crater Lake National Park Superintendents

William Arant

Superintendent Arant served from June, 1902 to July, 1913.

A diatom found in Crater Lake, Stephanodiscus hantzschii; photo courtesy of Stan Geiger

William Gladstone Steel

Superintendent Steel served from July 1913 to November, 1916.

H. E. Momyer

Superintendent Momyer served from November, 1916 to August, 1917.

Alex Sparrow

Superintendent Sparrow served from August 2, 1917 to February 15, 1923.

J. Leonard Volz

Superintendent Volz served from June, 1965 to April, 1967.

Charles Goff Thomson

Superintendent Thomson served from February 15, 1923 to February 15, 1929

Donald M. Spalding

Superintendent Spalding served from April 23, 1967 to June 23, 1969.

Elbert C. Solinsky

Superintendent Solinsky served from February, 1929 to September, 1934.

Einar L. Johnson

Superintendent Johnson served from July 12, 1970, to August 19, 1973.

David H. Canfield

Superintendent Canfield served from December 15, 1934 to August 1, 1937

Richard H. Sims

Superintendent Sims served from October, 1973 to September, 1975.

Ernest P. Leavitt

Superintendent Leavitt served from August, 1937 to March, 1952.

Frank J. Betts

Superintendent Betts served from September, 1975 to August 26, 1978.

John P. Wosky

Superintendent Wosky served from March, 1952 to November, 1953.

James S. Rouse

Superintendent Rouse served from August, 1978 to February, 1984.

Fred T. Johnston

Superintendent Johnston served from November, 1953 to August, 1954.

Robert E. Benton

Superintendent Benton served from April, 1984 to 1991.

Thomas J. Williams

Superintendent Williams served from August, 1954 to October, 1959.

Chuck Lundy

Superintendent Lundy served from 1998 to 2008.

Otto M. Brown

Superintendent Brown served from October, 1959 to April, 1961.

Craig Ackerman

Superintendent Ackerman began his job in 2008 and is the current superintendent.

W. Ward Yeager

Superintendent Yeager served from April, 1961 to April, 1964.

Al Hendricks

Superintendent Hendricks served from 1991 to 1998.

Richard A. Nelson

Superintendent Nelson served from May, 1964 to April, 1965.




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