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Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park




Dedication and Sources

This collection of historical trivia is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Crater Lake National Parks "Father", William Gladstone Steel, who, it has been said, spent two hours each day for 50 years working on his Crater Lake Trivia Collection.

Special thanks to Crater Lake National Park Historian Stephen R. Mark for his assistance with this revision.

Originally compiled 1968:
  • Revised, August 1972

  • Revised, September 1972

  • Revised August 1973

  • Revised, August 1974

  • Revised, to July 1975

  • Revised, August 1977

  • Revised, August 1981

  • Revised, July 1982

  • Revised, October 1985

  • Revised, May 1992

  • Revised, February 1997

  • Revised, January 1998

  • Published to the web May, 1999

  • Interviews and oral history

  • past periodicals and local newspapers

  • Park files in Crater Lake Nature Notes

  • Crater Lake Annual Superintendent Reports

  • Park Technical Files and Park Archives

  • "Steel Points" and and "W. G. Steel Scrap Books"

  • "The Enchanted Lake"

  • "Our National Park Policy"

  • "The Crater Lake Story"

  • Mazama Yearly Reports, beginning 1897

  • "CRATER LAKE, Story Behind the Scenery"

  • SOHS "The Table Rocks Centennial"

  • The writings of William Gladstone Steel

  • The Oregon Historical Society

  • Paul Herron, Crater Lake boat operator


Copyright, Larry B. Smith and Lloyd C. Smith. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.



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