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Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park



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January 3

Liquor permits canceled in the Park because Oregon goes “dry”.


260 men and 40 teams are employed to maintain and construct new roads.

August 7

The sleeping accommodations at the Lodge are pressed to the limit by 258 guest registering for the night. Guest sleep in the Great Hall.

August 21

The President signs Representative Sinnott’s bill transferring exclusive jurisdiction from the State of Oregon to the Federal Government.

Congress prohibits further mining claims inside the National Parks. Commissioner’s courts are established to punish violators of park regulations.

August 25

National Park Service established by Congress. Director Mather adopts a general policy of predator control.

September 15

Roscoe Howard writes a letter to Oregon Representative, N.J.Sinnott complaining that the Rim Camp Trail to the Lake is exceedingly dangerous. The writer notes that the Lodge has no fire escapes and an imperfect water supply. the building is not complete and is illuminated above the first floor by kerosene lamps and candles.

November 20

William G. Steel resigns as Superintendent and is appointed as first Park Commissioner. J.S. Diller names Steel Bay while Steel is superintendent.

November 22

H.E. Momyer becomes the Park’s third superintendent.

1916 Season

Rim Road built to Devil’s Backbone on the West and Cloud Cap on the East.

Park’s budget set at $25,000 per annum. Employee’s seasonal residence built at Annie Spring. The two story, nine room frame structure was razed in 1953. White Horse Bridge built by the War Department at 14 feet wide and 40 feet long.

Cook house built on the rim of Annie Creek Canyon near Annie Spring Bridge. Became the Annie Spring Ranger Residence. Razed in 1984. New road contracts have made many of the Park’s roads passable. Season: 11,589 visitors.

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