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Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park



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January 19

A vigorous protest from the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce was sent to Congress opposing the inclusion of Diamond Lake into the boundaries of Crater Lake National Park. “The area is now devoted to grazing purposes and for pleasure purposes and its incorporation would be a tremendous loss to Douglas County and to the people who hunt and fish without restriction...”


The Crater Lake Betterment Committee raises $20,000 for park improvement in exchange for options to buy the park concession for $80,000.


Regular mail service established between Medford and the Park.

June 28

Standard Oil begins gasoline service in the Park. They spend $51,000 advertising the service in 256 daily newspapers.


The Lake launch, The Sparrow, is assembled from parts carried down the Old Lodge Trail. Named for Park Superintendent, Alex Sparrow, the boat was burned on Wizard Island in 1971.

July 12

Construction of the Fred Kiser studio begins, over the objections of Superintendent Sparrow and other NPS officials. The little building is now the Park’s Visitor Center. During the 1920’s families employed by the Kiser Studio, lived in the top story apartment above the studio and used a kitchen on the first floor. At times, Rim Rangers and their families also shared quarters above the Studio.

July 18

Senator McNary again introduces legislation for the extension of Crater Lake National Park to include the Diamond Lake area. Some groups are pushing for the inclusion of the Union Creek area as well.

July 25

Air service to the Park is proposed. Edward High of Ashland is negotiating for an airplane with which he expects to establish air service to the Park every two hours.

July 22

Violin selections are played at the Lodge in the evenings with the Great Hall beautifully decorated with greens. Will Steel gives evening talks at the Lodge.

July 27

Mrs. Vera A Norric is appointed the Park’s fourth Postmaster.


George Collins, Secretary of the Park Company drives the first car ever, a Peerless, 14 miles from Crater Lake to Diamond Lake, breaking down all obstacles in his path and crashing through a huge log blocking the course.

August 6

Mazama Club outing party is held up by two bandits on the Diamond Lake road. Posse is organized to capture the culprits.

August 13

200 men start work on the forest road into the Oregon Caves.

August 24

Outside fireplace dedicated by Mather, Secretary Fall, Olmsted and Southern Pacific President McCormick. Fire burns so hot in the new fireplace that the Lodge’s roof is set on fire.

September 3

The Mail Tribune reports an “impossible” feat is accomplished. An automobile is driven over the wagon road from Crater Lake to Diamond Lake. A dusty distance of about 20 miles.

September 1

A photo of Will Steel is hung over the mail box in the Lodge and an electric light is placed over the picture.

September 21

record auto run to Crater Lake from Medford of 3 hours and 20 minutes. “This record will stand for years.”

The Crater Lake National Park Company, with Mr. Eric V. Hauser of Portland as President, is organized. Mr. R.W. Price, manager, invests more than $20,000 in improvements. Mr. Price became manager of the Lodge after it went broke under Mr. Parkhurst’s ownership. The new manager had slowly acquired control of the company’ stock. The new company needs $60,000 for construction of the new wing, $20,000 for repairs, and $40,000 to buy Parkhurst out.

Man dies in fall near Lake Trail.

Season Visitation: 28,617


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