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Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park



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377 varieties of wild flowers have been classified as growing within the Park boundaries.


A fire inspection reports problems with knotted drop cords in the Lodge’s guest rooms. Fire escapes are damaged or rotten. 

July 20

Paul Herron, of Klamath Falls, assumes boat operations on Crater Lake. He worked seasonally on the Lake until August 27, 1959 at which time he suffered a heart attack and was forced to retire. Herron did continue to work as a consultant to the company until the late 1970’s.

Paul had worked as an auto mechanic for the Lodge Company’s seven Hudson Auto Stages, earning $90 per month with $30 taken out for B/R after ten years of experience. He was frequently called out to assist with visitor break-downs caused by the Park’s rough roads. All fees earned had to be turned into the company. Because of Mr. Herron’s interest in boats, he was assigned to work as a boat mechanic and eventually became headman for 27 years. The original boats Paul had charge of were 30 passenger with Magori Marine and Peerless engines. He replaced the original engines in 1936 with two Hudson super 1926, after having been on the road for over 100,000 miles. One engine stayed in the boats until 1950 and the other was used every summer until 1960.


Rim Road Construction extended to Kerr Notch. Snow drifts of 25 feet prevented road construction from beginning until August 15.

400 people employed at the Park in the CCC.

200,000 Silver Salmon and 150,000 Steelhead liberated in the Lake.

Four, one-room houses added to Sleepy Hollow. Torn down between 1984 and 1989.

September 27

Fatal fall of woman off trail alongside Rim Road.

Season Visitation: 90,512



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