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Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park



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Under a grant from the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Howel Williams completes his extensive study of the Crater lake region and his findings will soon be published. While agreeing with Diller that the destruction of Mazama was by collapse or engulfment, Williams proposes to prove that the great void in the mountain’s heart was formed by the expulsion of molten lava, either from the Crater’s mouth or through fissures in the mountain sides, and not by subterranean drainage.

Lake level has dropped 13 feet during the past 40 years.


A ski bowl is located south of the Lodge and used by visitors.


Goodbye Creek Bridge collapses, along with the Annie Spring Bridge because the bridges were old and winter snow plowing had been suspended. For 14 years, traffic is routed temporarily above the two springs on a hazardous and narrow route.


Fatal fall of man over rim near Sinnott Memorial Overlook.

July 25

Crater Lake Natural History Association founded “to promote and assist the Ranger-Naturalist program, to further the investigation of subjects of popular interest and to aid in the distribution of information on all subjects pertaining to the Park.” Approval finalized by the Secretary of Interior.

July 27

The last day the Lodge is open until it opens after the War on June 15, 1946.

August 24

Ranger beat an army team in softball, 11 to 5.


Diatoms found 50 feet up on Wizard Island, suggesting a higher Lake level or wave activities.


Annie Springs CCC Camp removed.

September 10

New record low set for the Lake - 6,132.2 feet of elevation.

October 31

Weather station at headquarters discontinued, due to WWII, until July 8, 1946. Only fragmentary weather records are available during these years.

Season Visitation: 27,656 - almost the same as in 1920.


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