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Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park



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Record snow fall for one month, 313 inches. 73 inches fell in one 48 hour period.

July 2

Rescue of boy below Sinnott Memorial Overlook.

July 12

Rescue of two men below Sinnott Memorial Overlook.

August 10

Bruce Brandell reports beaver workings on Copeland Creek. Five inch diameter fir all but gnawed down. Trees in vicinity are stripped of bark, but no dams or houses found. Probably Mountain Beaver.


Seasonal Naturalists Donald and Dorothy Farmer band 160 Clark’s Nutcrackers.

White pie plate displayed below Sinnott Overlook in 128 feet of water to demonstrate how far one can see below the surface of the Lake.

The movie, Canyon Passage, filmed partially in Jacksonville, has included in it a scene showing Indians riding up out of the Caldera and attacking a wagon train on the Rim Drive. The movie stars Ward Bond, Loretta Young, Brian Dunlevy and Dan Daily.

Ruth Hopson Keen, 4138 S.W. Fourth Ave., Portland, OR 97201, (222-1430) becomes the first lady Ranger-Naturalist. Ruth worked the month of June, then taught at the Park under Dr. Rule. She gave her programs in the Lodge and lived for two summers with the Leavitts.

October 15

Superintendent Leavitt reports that due to labor unrest and quarrels, Lodge manager Price has fired his son-in-law who headed up the Company’s improvement program, along with a number of other employees.

October 16

Recovery of a Clark’s Nutcracker at the head waters of the Lewis River on Mt. Adams, Washington. The bird had been banded by Dorothy Farmer at Rim Village, September 1, 1950.

Season Visitation - 328,041 - a new record.

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