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Smith Brothers' Chronological History of Crater Lake National Park



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The NPS issues a new draft of a proposed winter use management plan. Winter visits to the Park during the past ten years have been increasing 3% per year, where summer visits have been decreasing slightly.

May 9

Five public hearings are held around the state to present findings and solicit responses to Crater Lake’s new Development Concept Plan/EIS and Winter Use Plan. Many issues affecting Park management are discussed including: Protection of the Ponderosa stand, density of development, Habitat protection, protecting older growth Hemlock, snow removal, visual protection zones critical to visitor experiences, etc.

May 12

After having spent 10 years in prison for stealing over $100,000 from campground cars (including Mazama Campground) during the 1980’s, Harold Mark Huddleston of Portland is again arrested for a $200,000 campground car clouting spree spread out over five state area.


Running of the 19th annual Crater Lake Rim Runs

Men:  6.7  Presley Pyle, 22,  Crater Lake  36:26    
13.0 Micky Losinski, of Klamath Falls, OR 1:21:40
      26.2 Martin Balding, 57, of Susanville, CA 3:11:41 (3rd win, 16 straight run)

Women:  6.7 Barb Bjerke, 46, of Klamath Falls, OR 49:23   
      13.0 Nikki Rafie, 32, of Tigard, OR   1:33:36  
      26.2 Becky Reitinger, 36, of Ashland, OR  3:52:04

August 25

Lake scientists announce that a new record for lake clarity, eclipsing a mark set in 1937. An 8 inch black and white Secchi disc was visible at a depth of 40.8 meters. The recording in 1969 was 39 meters. In August 1991, a reading of 20.3 meters or 67 feet was recorded. Previous highs for water clarity were all recorded at the end of droughts in 1937 and 1969. Doug Larson’s record 45 meter reading was accomplished with a one-meter wide disc.


Greatest November snowfall recorded at 190.5 inches. Twice the normal average. The greatest single monthly reading for the last eleven years!


Total of 44 fires. All except three are lightning caused.


Friends of Crater Lake and Park staff build a two mile reroute of the Pacific Crest Trail, connecting the existing PCT to an alternative Rim Trail, giving hikers a view of the Lake.

Fiscal Year 1994

ONPS Budget set at: $2.7 million

Season 1994 Visitation: 500,080



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