Fish of Crater Lake National Park

leavitt-cronch-fishRangers display their catch, Crater Lake National Park

With the exception of Dolly Varden trout in Sun Creek, all of the fish found within Crater Lake National Park are planted exotics. A number of rainbow trout were introduced into the lake as early as 1888. Other species introduced into the lake are the Coho, or silver salmon; the landlocked sockeye salmon (kokanee); the German brown trout; the brook trout; cutthroat trout; and steelhead trout. Only the rainbow and kokanee have been able to adapt and survive in the lake’s environment.

Four species of trout are found in the park’s streams, although only brook trout and rainbow have been planted officially. Large numbers of rainbow have been stocked, but the survivors are few and scattered. Rainbow have been found in Munson, Annie, Bybee, Sun, and Castle Creeks. Brook trout plantings have been far more successful and this trout is the most abundant and firmly established fish in the park’s streams….learn more

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Bull Trout of Crater Lake, a closer look

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planting-fish-crater-lakePlanting fish in Crater Lake, September 1932


  Nature Notes From Crater Lake
  • A Fish Story – Earl U. Homuth, Vol. 2 No. 1 – July 1929

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