Mammals of Crater Lake National Park

The abundant and diverse vegetation of the park constitutes a large block of relatively undisturbed habitat that supports various populations of native wildlife species. The park has significant populations of Roosevelt elk, black tail deer, pronghorn, coyote, and porcupine. Periodic sightings of black bear, pine marten, weasel, and mountain lion are reported in the summer months. A variety of other small animal species are seen in the backcountry of the Park. [Crater Lake National Park Final General Management Plan, Environmental Impact Statement, 2005]

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Checklist of Crater Lake mammals


Bears Crater Lake 8-4-69 151 008

Crater Lake Black Bear collection of photos by former seasonal ranger Lloyd Smith . . . A marvelous collection of black bears scavenging at the Crater Lake dump –  photos you could never imagine taking today!
[Ranger twin brother] Larry and I spent some time at the Crater Lake garbage in 1969 and shot these photos. Lloyd Smith:”


Nature Notes From Crater Lake

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