View 9: Beauty of the Lake in Relation to Its Surroundings

A Brief Guide to the Parapet View, Sinnott Memorial, Crater Lake National Park by John Campbell Merriam, 1938


View 9: Beauty of the Lake in Relation to Its Surroundings


guide-plan-parapet1. Beauty of color in the lake as seen through the screen of hemlocks from the path leading to Sinnott Memorial, and similarly as seen through trees at many points along the rim.A thing of beauty may have its value enhanced by the setting in which it appears; so the attractiveness of this lake varies according to conditions under which it is seen. In the same way the beauty of other things may be increased by relation to the lake. Of many possible examples illustrating relation between the lake and its surroundings the following have been found of interest to visitors:

2. Form and reflection of Phantom Ship seen through the finder next this box. Smooth reflecting surface of the water is necessary.

3. Continuous changes of light produce a constantly varying picture. These conditions may be due to position of the sun, to the wind, and to reflections and shadows of clouds.

4. Reflections of cliffs and other shore features.

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