Launch Trips-A Cruise Around the Lake

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, 1918

 Launch Trips-A Cruise Around the Lake

At Eagle Cove, motorboats and row t oats are provided for boating or fishing parties; guides are also available for those who desire them.

Trips to Wizard Island are made by launch on regular schedules daily, and special trips can be arranged for, by the hour, skirting the Phantom Ship and nearby cliffs.

The striking features of the crater’s rim can best be seen by making a circuit of the lake along its edge. It reveals in a thousand changes the twisted and contorted lava formations, and is a moving picture of twentyfive miles of nature’s weirdest film.- This close-up view of the aftermath of Mazama will never be forgotten.

From Eagle Cove the launch heads east, rounding Eagle Point, with Garfield Peak towering high overhead; then crosses Chaski Bay, where Vidae Cliff rises 2,000 feet above. Just beyond, Dutton Cliff looks from its dizzy height on the Phantom Ship, the launch skirting its sculptured sides with its maze of lava rigging. Kerr Notch, just beyond Dutton Cliff, on Danger Bay, is the lowest point on the crater rim, 600 feet above the water. Sentinel Rock is the next peak outstanding on the wall above, and then follows Cloud Cap, 2,070 feet above the shore. Skell Head, suggesting Indian legends, appears on the southern point of Grotto Cove, where is seen The Wineglass, high on its northern cliff, a strange rock-slide shaped like a huge goblet and tinted as with winestain. Round Top, the Palisades and Rugged Crest are passed along the northeast shore, and below Rugged Crest is Cleetwood Cove, where the last great lava flow occurred.

But what strange sights have been unfolded in this half-circuit of the lake! Where can their like be seen? Contorted, twisted shapes-the deformity of nature in its every phase. Dark caverns piercing flamescorched walls that over-hang in jagged masses streaked with charred reds and sulphur-yellows; gorges packed with winter snows that- gleam like diamonds in jet settings-snows unmelted since their fall, with solid ice foundations, for sunshine has never reached their rock-bound depths. And all around them is the bright green glaze of needled pine boughs, drooping and waving in the breeze from trunks that slant at every angle-the growth of centuries. Surely Nature, to sooth Mazama’s wrath, has beautified its scars with dressings most sublime.

Rounding Pumice Point the launch glides into Steel Bay and then skirts Llao Rock, one of the most striking summits on the rim. just north of Llao Rock is a mile of desolation, The Devil’s Backbone, carved and ridged and lacerated as though by the whips of demons. Eagles soar and pelicans flap from rock to rock, and over all shines the brilliant summer sunshine from an azure sky that is reflected and thrown back from Crater Lake’s profound depths in an ultra-blue that challenges the heavens. Approaching Skell Channel, Glacier Peak looms high above the rim and The Watchman rears over Wizard Island’s cinder cone surrounded by its arm-shaped lava flows and rising like an octopus from the waters. The high-pitched roofs and gray walls of Crater Lake Lodge appear as a dot above, as the launch heads for Eagle Cove, and one of the most singular and spectacular of boat trips is ended.

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